Direction, past and future, thus a vector?

Discussion about the Order of Mobius faction in Elite: Dangerous
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Direction, past and future, thus a vector?

Postby MarrV » Thu Jan 04, 2018 3:25 pm

Many I suspect have no idea who I am, other than being more vocal in the last few weeks, which is fair as I do not like speaking up in the past. But what I am is this; a member of Mobius, and supposedly a fellow member of the player group created to support the faction "Order of Mobius" on which we take our name.

I have felt, through reading the conversations, the atmosphere in discord, and the goings on around the last month that people do not remember, those of us which were around then, the ideas behind mobius group being formed (and OoM states it remains true to those ideas).

If I remember correctly, and this is a long time ago, around end of November 2014, during the Beta of ED, the group formed as a result of FDev forcing an always online component in their game which meant you had no way, other than be entirely solo, to interact with other players without the risk of the griefers that have their own reason for doing what they do.

We wanted a space in which like minded players could play together, without fear of other players ruining it. It was that simple, it was small at its start, I remember the being 22 players, and about 9 of us online chatting.

The idea is still the same, that we play in such a way not to diminish the enjoyment of other players.

Now we come to how people are behaving towards one another, aggressively, dismissively, at some times out right calling each other out.

That is the very reason why this group was created, to avoid such behaviours, yet they are present within OoM. Has this faction, which came as a result of our collective collaboration in game, forgotten this?

The OoM was created with the idea of remaining true to Mobius's groups ideals, and to further the in game entity that we gave birth to from our actions previously. That we, as a group of players, work collectively, voluntarily and in collaboration with one another to help the in game faction, originally become stable, and then grow (I was not playing by the point we grow beyond 1 system, I will say it is very pleasant to return to a game and see OoM doing so well).

Lastly, and quite possibly most importantly is the idea that we are a safe space for all, to have their voices heard, even if they are disagreed with, and for others to voice their disagreement in a safe space. As anything to the contrary is actually creating the very thing this group was founded (Mobius, and by extension OoM) to avoid; that of players being aggressive to one another and stopping people from enjoying this game.

Elite's moto is "Play you way", mobius was formed to help that happen as the devs missed it, it would be a shame for us to lose it as well.

Looking forward to your replies and thoughts on the matter.


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Re: Direction, past and future, thus a vector?

Postby LeDoyen » Thu Jan 04, 2018 4:04 pm

I guess it always happen, as numbers grow that some more nervous people are seen more and more.
Personally, as a relatively new member, i never met disrespectful people. Besides some repair costs from people in haste at the mail slot (twice only since i joined, only one didn't apologize and still, it's really not a big deal to me), i have no complaints about the Mobius bunch.
Everytime i am on Discord, it's general talk.. jokes flying around, nothing unusual.

I just think that you can't expect tens of thousands of players to be all dandy like. There will always be conflicts here and there, and they are always amplified by the very nature of an online community. Most would never raise the fist or scream in rage at someone else in person.. way easier to go too far from the safety of your little desk.

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Re: Direction, past and future, thus a vector?

Postby Lanceor » Thu Jan 04, 2018 8:25 pm

I guess it's just the nature of people.

No large group is ever going to have 100% agreement 100% of the time. Mobius is blessed in that it's members tend to be more mature and less hostile than average the average gaming guild, and John Luke's diplomatic leadership style has helped to smooth over the inevitable misunderstandings and disagreements that occur from time to time.

This recent conflict arose when there was a difference in opinion and not enough disussion to reconcile the two viewpoints. Supporters of one viewpoint or the other got upset and reacted less diplomatically than they could have, fanning the flames. This led the two sides to view each other as selling out OOM, culminating in a faction splitting schism.

I'm tempted to single out those whom I think was at fault, and I'm sure we all are. But that's going to achieve nothing but reopen old wounds. So instead, let's focus on OOM's future actions and do what we've done best in the past - open discussions and trying to understand our opponent's viewpoints.
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