Group Policy

Hello Commanders,

In order to clarify some details we have updated our group policy, covering the aspects of the game as it stands now. If and when new gameplay mechanics concerning PvP/PvE are introduced to the game, or we discover a point that needs clarification, it will be added to this policy.

Fly safe, commanders.

Policy and code of conduct while playing online in the dedicated Player versus Environment group (Mobius)

The group's goal is to provide players with an environment to play Elite: Dangerous in a full multiplayer world without having the experience spoiled by non-consensual PvP, ganking, domination, abuse or anti-social behaviour.

To achieve this, all members agree to abide to the rules listed below while playing online in the "Mobius" private group. Of course, the rules apply only to sessions inside the group.

:!: Please be considerate while playing or interacting with other players. We are all reasonable people. These rules are put in place to clarify some details only. They are not here to start legal wars about how to interprete them!
The group motto translates to "to each their own". So the number one and most important rule is:
  • Don't spoil another players game!
There are no leaders or chiefs in the group. Try to solve any disagreement between yourselves first, before reporting any offense to an admin or mod of this forum via PM.

Membership of the ElitePvE group:
  • Membership of the ElitePvE group (Mobius) is open to all players who wish to have a safe PvE environment with other players in Elite: Dangerous
  • Members are free to join any other group, clan, alliance, or similar. The ElitePvE group is non-exclusive.
  • There is no obligation to go online in the ElitePvE group whatsoever. It is merely yet another option to play the game. All members can play any other mode (open for all, solo, other groups) any time they wish.
Policy while playing in the ElitePvE group:
  • These rules apply while being online in the ElitePvE group.
  • It is not allowed to attack another player for any reason outside of Conflict zone. Conflict zones special rules apply, see below.
    • Players having a bounty, no matter how high, are no exception
    • Also players allied to another Power are no exception
    • Ramming another player on purpose is considered attacking, of course
  • It is not allowed to pull (interdict) another player out of supercruise
  • It is not allowed to accept or carry out missions which have another player as a target while playing online in the group.
  • Inside Conflict Zones the following rules apply:
    • It is not allowed to attack a neutral player (a player not having chosen a faction)
    • It is not allowed to attack another player while being neutral (not having chosen a faction oneself)
    • It is not allowed to attack another player on the own chosen faction
    • Only if both players have activly chosen opposing factions may they engage in combat
    • It is not allowed to exit and enter a warzone in rapid succession for the sole purpose of targeting other players. Only if the wrong faction was chosen by mistake or by mutual agreement of the present players (For example in order for everybody to join the same faction).
  • The above rules ensure, that players wishing no PvP at all can safely enter warzones as spectator or to decide actions later, without being forced into an unwanted fight.
  • It is not allowed to provoke criminal status by any means, like flying into the line of fire of a mining laser on purpose to flag another player as criminal.
  • Breaking any of the above rules will result in an instant ban without warning to protect the group from further unwanted infractions. Players making a complaint must supply a screenshot or other evidence for a ban to be implemented.
  • Commanders can appeal against the ban by contacting the group admins on this forum via PM or the contact form.
  • And finally again, the rules are here to clarify some details, not to complicate the game! We want to play together and have fun. That is the purpose of this game and the group.
    "To each their own". "Do not spoil another players game".