Join the Elite: Dangerous PvE group

This page explains how to join the Elite: Dangerous Mobius PvE group in game, before joining please take a look at our Policy page so you are aware of our code of conduct and rules for playing in the Mobius Player Vs Environment group.

if you play on a PC or Mac you do not need to join the forums or any other service we provide in order to play in the group, but due to the limited number of spaces available on the Xbox platform xbox users will need to either join our forums, or our facebook group. you need to do this so we have the gamer tag you use and can send you an in game invite to join.

even if you play on a PC/Mac it is strongly recommended that you join us as you might miss out on valuable information and a lot of fun, its a great way to make new friends to fly with! :)

Check out our About page to find out more.

Time zones
due to limits to the number of members in a private group (20,000 for the PC/Mac Group and 1000 for the Xbox) we actually run three (!) groups on each platform, one centred on US timezones, one centred on the EU, and one centered on the Asia/Pscific timezones. Before sending a join request its therefore a good idea to ask yourself a few questions.

what timezone best fits the time i play? if you are in the US but only play at silly o'clock in the morning you may want to consider joining the EU based or Asia/Pacific groups and vice versa.

do you have any friends you play with who are also in the group? if so what group are they in?
flying with friends can be fun, but because you cant interact with players who are in the other group you would all need to join the same one.

How to join one (!please join only one!) of the Elite: Dangerous Mobius PvE groups from a PC or Mac:

Due to the limit of group size only these two groups, "Mobius PvE" and "MOBIUS ASIAPACIFIC", can be joined at the moment!

  • Start the game from the launcher as usual
  • Click the "GROUPS" tab

You may find other groups with Mobius or PVE in it or similar.
Our groups are simply "MOBIUS PVE" or "MOBIUS ASIAPACIFIC"

The MOBIUS PVE or MOBIUS ASIAPACIFIC group should appear below

  • click "REQUEST JOIN" to it's right

You will be accepted into the Group manually, so I suggest waiting at least 24 hours before trying to play in it.
this may happen sooner as group requests are checked often, but please keep in mind that only one person has access to the admin functions of each group and they do so as volunteers, the occasional delay is to be expected.

To PLAY in the group...

  • Start the game from the launcher as usual
  • Click START
  • Click MOBIUS PVE (or MOBIUS ASIAPACIFIC respectively) and the game will start.

How to Join Mobius on the Xbox

joining us on the Xbox is both simpler and more complicated at the same time, as its invite only we will need to know your gamer tag so you will either need to join the forums and post a request in the appropriate thread, or join our facebook group and post an invite request.

To join us on the Xbox via our forums:

as with the PC/Mac group you will need to join the the group that best fits the time you play,

first Register as a forum member here (

to join the EU based group you need to post in this Forum with your gamer tag + [Mobius EU] as the post title: viewforum.php?f=66

to join the US based group you need to post in this Forum with your gamer tag + [Mobius US] as the post title: viewforum.php?f=66

To join us on the Xbox via our Facebook group:

send a request to join the facebook group from your account ( once accepted post a hello message giving your gamer tag and the group you wish to join.

with either method of joining, once you post, the relevant group admin will review your request and send you an invite to the group in game.

once you accept you are ready to play.

Enjoy! :)