Special OPs mission

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Special OPs mission

Postby Unite » Tue May 28, 2019 1:12 pm

After a long couple of months flying to the core then exploding cause I couldn't be bothered with the trip back I decided a few missions would be good to sharpen the general skills again but....

I took on one of these special ops missions since it seemed to have a decent payout but I was surprised when getting to the target system that the mission entailed taking out 30 civilians. It didn't feel right but I thought, what the hell, and dropped out at the target and started shooting. The biggest problem I had though was getting the targets before they jumped. After spending an hour at it and have only got 5 I thought I'd go back to the station to change the fitout but whoops I got sent to Elite prison for killing people. I was going after the small ships i.e. eagles / sidewinders with my fitout of 1 size 3 pulse 2 size 2 pulese and 2 size 3 multicannons. Should be enough to snuff out any small ship quickly, certainly does at res sites anyway.

Long story short I ended up just giving up on this mission, paid my debts to society and went back to hunting pirates. If however I feel the call to the dark side again how do I stop the targets jumping away?

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