Order of Mobius – Guide to Wars and Conflict Zones

Discussion about the Order of Mobius faction in Elite: Dangerous
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Order of Mobius – Guide to Wars and Conflict Zones

Postby Lanceor » Wed Sep 05, 2018 12:04 pm

Order of Mobius – Guide to Wars and Conflict Zones

Beginners – Stay Alive!

  • Once a war begins, Conflict Zones should start to pop up around the system.
  • Your goal is to enter a conflict zone, rack up some bonds and cash them in at a nearby station.
  • Despite the names, Low Intensity Conflict zones are probably more dangerous than High Intensity ones!
  • Wing up with others if you can - safety in numbers!
  • There may be 20-30 enemies in the area. If you aggro them all at once, you will probably see the rebuy screen.
  • Therefore, on entering fly 5-6 km away from the centre of the conflict zone before picking a side.
  • Likewise, try to stay on the edges of the battles rather than in the middle of them.
  • Assist friendly ships instead of taking on large targets on your own.
  • Before engaging an enemy, make sure there are no free enemies around who could suddenly gang up on you.
  • As a general rule, if three or more ships are attacking you at once, RUN! (As you become more experienced, you’ll have a better idea of when to stay and when to run.)

Intermediate - Hit Hard and Fast

  • DPS is more important than sustainability because:
    1. CZ ships are much tougher than the ones you find in Resource Extraction Sites.
    2. Finishing each ship quickly minimises your chance of being ganged up on.
    3. You will be returning to base to hand in your bonds frequently anyway.
  • Therefore, high-damage ammo-limited weapons like frags, railguns and missiles work very well.
  • Don't neglect small ships - most of your targets will be small, so only use an all-fixed setup if you can reliably hit Eagles and ship-launched fighters.
  • Use massacre missions to supplement your income.

Advanced - Maximise Transactions Per Hour

  • Dedicated BGS groups are scarily effective because their every action is aimed at optimising their transaction count.
  • You will be docking frequently. A docking computer allows breaks while you are effectively still playing, increasing your transactions/hour.
  • Hand in combat bonds as frequently as you can handle. We suggest at $100,000 intervals.
  • When fighting pirate factions, carry a tonne of gold to attract interdictions, and therefore bounties and transactions.
  • Likewise, being hostile to them gives them another reason to interdict you.
  • Install an FSD interdictor to catch and destroy any ships from the opposing side that you encounter in supercruise. Each destroyed ship counts as one transaction. WARNING: Against non-wanted targets, this will result in fines and notoriety!
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Re: Order of Mobius – Guide to Wars and Conflict Zones

Postby GlobusDiablo » Wed Sep 05, 2018 6:33 pm

Good advice. :)

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