The History of the Order of Mobius

Discussion about the Order of Mobius faction in Elite: Dangerous
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The History of the Order of Mobius

Postby Xebeth » Sun Mar 26, 2017 1:17 pm

This history/chronology is still very much a work in progress

This section is dedicated to the Lore, History, and Chronology of

the Order of Mobius.

Early History

Oct 3301
The Order expands into Exioce
Civil Unrest in Azrael. Follow expansion into Exioce a period of Civil Unrest is triggered.

Nov 3301
Riff Raff's Badly Damaged in Fire. Known for its relaxed atmosphere, reasonably priced drinks, and a rather casual attitude to bar tabs, Rafferty's infamous bar Riff Raff's had long been the favorite drinking place of independent Commanders and supporters of the Order alike.
However in November of 3301 disaster struck when a mysterious fire broke out badly damaging the bar and severely traumatising its Landlord.
Details of the cause are sketchy, but for day's afterwards all the Landlord would say is "it had a gun, the bloody monkey had a gun".
What he was referring to still remains a mystery, but many of those who helped to restore the bar to its former (if rather shabby) glory commented on the distressing smell that lingered for sometime, one workman commenting that it smelled "like a combination of rotting fish and burnt fur".

Jan 3302
War in Exioce, victory on 20th, but no assets taken.

Feb 3302
War in Exioce (ended in truce)

Mar 3302
Famine strikes Azrael

Apr 3302
War in Exioce (vs. Exioce Imperial Society) Sabine Installation taken

May 3302
The Order expands into Apathaam
War in Apathaam (taking Reamy Dock)

June 3302
War in Exioce (vs. Crimson)
The Order expands into Cardea
War in Cardea vs. Citizens of Tradition (Utkin Place won)

July 3302
War in Exioce vs. NLTT 7789 Exchange (lost, loosing Sabine installation)

Aug 3302
War in Exioce vs. NLTT 7789 Exchange (lost)
The Order expands into Njiri
War in Exioce
The Order tries, but fails to retreat from Exioce

Sep 3302
War in Cardia (vs. Cardia Dragons) won
War in Cardia vs. citizens of tradition (Won)
War in Njiri vs. Njiri Imperial Society (Order decides not to take any action)

Oct 3302
War in Exioce
War in Exioce (Special Black Ops assist the opposition to bring a swift end to the war)
The Order expands into Mu Horoligii

Nov 3302
War in Cardea (vs. Crimson State Industry)
MCRN forms and starts delivering supplies to Colonia
War in Njiri (won ground station Andrews Terminal taken)

Dec 3302
Outbreak in Azrael (swiftly brough under control)
War in Mu Horoligii (lost)
Order retreats from Mu Horologii
War in Njiri

Jan 3303
War in Cardia
Major outbreak in Azrael causes the Orders influnce to dramatically drop
Civil War in Azrael (vs. Azrael Patron's Principles, won taking Guth dock)

Feb 3303
War in Cardea
MCRN successfully establishes a base in Colonia
War in Njiri
War in Cardea (won taking Tiger Lilly Pleasure Dome)

Mar 3303
War in Exioce (taking Sabine Installation)
War in Njiri vs. Njiri Imperial Society, lost, loosing Andrews Terminal

April 3303
War in Exioce, The Order wins
Outbreak in Azrael

May 3303
Following the outbreak, Azrael Parton's Principles attempt a take over of the system leading to Civil War. The Order fights to a quick and decisive victory, the forces of APP are wiped out and the Order takes control of Extra Refinery in the process.
War in Exioce against Exioce Blue Camorra, the Order wins a quick victory.
War in Njiri against Njiri Imperial Society, the Order wins the war in short order taking Helin Dock and control of the system in the process.

June 3303
The Order fights its 12th war in Exioce, this time against its old adversary Exioce Imperial Society. This time it is different however, and The Order wins a definitive victory taking control of the system and the major asset Macmillan Depot in the process.
The Order expands into NLTT 10055 and enters into negotiations with Lavigny's Legion to determine the future course of the system.

July 3303
After a short but decisive war against Bragur Silver Major Corp, the Order wins control of NLTT 10055 taking Barnwell Landing.

Aug 3303
The Order expands into Aurgel and enters into talks with the controlling faction Libertas Co-operative. The Order decides to take no further action in the system and to not disrupt the activities of the controlling faction.
In a move to further strengthen its control of the Exioce system The Order orchestrates a war against Exioce Allied PLC, The Order wins a decisive victory and takes control of Miller Terminal.
Following its victory against Exioce Allied PLC (EAP), and to finally bring dominance to it's control of Exioce, The Order capitalises on EAP's weakened state by launching and quickly winning an offence war to take control of Fort Lawrence. The Order now controls the three major space ports in the system.

Oct 3303
The Order expands into Ling Deti.
To avoid any potential conflicts Libertas Co-operative, the Order orchestrates a withdraw from Aurgel.
The Order goes to war against Dvorsi Empire Assembly in Ling Deti, the war in won taking the base Farmers Lab.

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