Thoughts on the Order's efforts at home and In Exioce for the HCIC's

Discussion about the Order of Mobius faction in Elite: Dangerous
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Thoughts on the Order's efforts at home and In Exioce for the HCIC's

Postby Delvin Kaar » Mon Sep 19, 2016 9:16 am

Though I posted this in the forums of the Order's Inara Wing (anyone that's a Mobius member can apply- wink-wink, nudge-nudge). I figured I should drop it here on the Official Forums as well as our FB page.
Do pardon my dust........
As I know that though I've been part of the private player group for well over a year, I've only just joined the wing here, but I'd like to submit a suggestion.
The mission to force the Order to retreat from Exioce is still not accomplished to I'm sure a few of yours chagrin. Now, I know perfectly well that there is no requirement of any member of our PG to do anything that regards the player faction, and even in noticing the player-counts for each mission might be irrelevant as folks that listed themselves as participating might not even be paying attention since they clicked that particular button- some possibly not online at all in the last few weeks- that well, the Maintain Order mission might not be as critical as it was whenever it was initiated.
As I'm not in the loop to whatever group makes those decisions for the Wing, I might be wrong in that assumption, but as the faction in 2nd place (Az Patron's) is almost a full 50% behind us, It doesn't strike me as the mission being "critical", at least not for a temporary dismissal of that mission until the Retreat operation is finally accomplished.
I only suggest this in case that if Indeed those members are active and there's 21 more players focused on Azrael than Exioce, that they might be enlightened to the situation and re-direct their efforts for a short while. Though a good amount of what goes down in Azrael has little to no effect in Exioce, those who unwittingly pick up a mission In Az to do anything that sends them "next door" for milk, bread, murder and sabotage are keeping us there longer than we need to be.
And lastly, I know it might sound rather hypocritical of me to convey all of this, as the only reason I even noticed is I came to check up on the Wing discussions for a quick break from grinding federal navy rank in a system 200ly from either Azrael or Exioce, which will now be followed by a bevy of Long Range Hauling missions to generate the capital needed to purchase and equip a Corvette now that I'm a Rear (giggety) Admiral and it is available for purchase. Not to mention (but I'm about to, aren't I?) that after doing so I'm going to hop in my Conda, probably pick a completely random direction and complete the 5k LY sojourn to unlock currently the last of my Engineers, the ol' Prof. I'll take that, but I felt like jotting these thoughts down because I love this group and enjoy the folks that hang out around our pages that aren't Manchurian Trolls waiting to be triggered, and the friendships made in doing so. I'd hate to know that any of them are pushing their very own boulder up a hill when they don't have to.
Just a bit of food for thought for whoever the decision makers are. In the end you probably have the situation addressed, failing to complete the Retreat isn't really hurting us that much, and it's just a game . As always, have fun.

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