Murderhobos still going strong

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Murderhobos still going strong

Postby lafzy » Mon Apr 08, 2019 8:33 am

So i had a friend round on friday and wanted to show him elite in the hope i'd have a mate to wing up with. With Mobius ps4 in the bubble being so quiet at the moment (I haven't seen another player for a couple of months), I decided for the first time in a while to go into open play where there was more chance of interaction with other players. I wasn't wrong.

Within about 10 seconds of jumping into Shinrarta in my Krait II, I got interdicted by 2 murderhobos in cutters. I had no cargo, i'm not a member of a faction so there was no 'rpg' element to this, they just straight up opened fire. Thankfully, between my g5 dirty drives and prismatic shields, getting away was no problem, but i still felt a little aggrieved at the attempted griefing.

I don't think there is any justification for this kind of thing, its potentially ruining other people's play for no reason. In fact, its kind of sad that these no-life's would spend their game time hanging around Shinrarta waiting for players to kill. Hopefully it hasn't put my mate off getting the game, but he did say if he does, he wouldn't play in open.

I chose not to combat log and never have, but for some reason i don't understand when reading around the forums on this issue, combat logging is seen as worse than griefing. I don't get that - If someone is intent on ruining my gameplay, whats wrong with me logging and denying them their pathetic pleasure trip? Why should I potentially have to see the re-buy screen rather than take an alternative route out of the situation?

I know that, again for some reason I cannot fathom, we are not allowed to name and shame griefers, but if anyone wants to PM me for details I'm happy to share in private so others can block them - (Mods - i'm assuming that that is allowed - please let me know if that is also outside of policy).

Anyway, rant over! Good day CMDRs, o7

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Re: Murderhobos still going strong

Postby Saberius » Mon Apr 08, 2019 8:41 am

Sorry to hear about the rough time.

Please PM me the names, or email me at

I actually have a suspicion these people are already on our watch lists of people to not let into the Mobius private groups :)

Meanwhile, I shall lock this thread, you don't need critics or a thousand "I told you so"s, or "This is why we play in Mobius" ;)

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