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Postby Faragon » Sun Jun 24, 2018 10:20 pm

Hello Mobians!

Currently returning to the bubble after a 8 month pilgrimage to Beagle Point. Just dropped a tonne of carto data in Mobia and Alberta to help the MCRN - got my Elite status so now I am making my way to Founders World to take advantage of the discounts!

I havent really done much in the likes of wing missions or anything or seen much of the newer content due to being on the other side of the Galaxy, if anyone would happen to be in the area and want to team up, feel free to add me in game! Havent really engaged much with others in this game but this is why I joined this group recently (in time for my return) to branch out a bit.

Im from the UK and try to play when I can, evenings normally (GMT). Will have some time off coming start of July so will most likely be playing a fair bit then!

Hope to hear from some of you and see you out there!

CMDR Faragon


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