[Ship loadouts] SLFighter types - your experience

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[Ship loadouts] SLFighter types - your experience

Postby uvelius » Tue May 01, 2018 1:31 pm

Welcome to tell us your preferred Fighter type, its pros and cons, in this thread!
Since there are many out there now, both anti-Thargoid and normal, it is time to gather some experience ...
Generally, fighters are great for tagging and chasing targets for example in a RES, especially if you fly something big. I prefer to take my Rattaconda on holidays in a High RES, do some shooting, let the fighter and the Police finish the job while I calmly let my Collector limpet collect all those nice mats hovering around.

My favourite so far:
Taipan, type: GeldF
Fixed beams, Heat Sinks
Pros: Fries anything even with an expert NPC pilot. Excellent hit rate as far as I can tell, and chaff is useless. Even a good choice for PvP, especially for practising your aim.
Cons: Slow.

Another I used before:
Impreial fighter, type unknown
Plasma repeater type
Pros: Very agile and fast. Looks quite nice.
Cons: Cannons are harder to aim with, lower hull and shields.

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Re: [Ship loadouts] SLFighter types - your experience

Postby TorTorden » Tue May 01, 2018 1:58 pm

Fixed beams all the way here.
Usually load a Taipan and a Gu-97.
Condor is still useless.

I don't fly them much at all anyways, that's what the intern is for and I would be well and truly done before I let her fly the 880 mil corvette.

If I want to fly something fast, manouvreable, and punchy I use the vulture.
It's faster than the SLF's anyways.

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