Has anyone else that plays on PC and Console noticed this?

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Has anyone else that plays on PC and Console noticed this?

Postby Dave Sewell » Thu Apr 20, 2017 3:27 pm

I have recently moved back to Elite on Xbox1s, and immediately noticed that it seems to have been given a little more attention, mainly in the graphics department. I had never noticed the animations for scooping and Hyperspace powerup before..perhaps it is there on PC, but like I said, after hours of playing I certainly never noticed all the pannels opening up and 'charging' prior to a jump, or glowing after a jump. There also seems to be more detail in stations. On the downside, my docking computer music (yes I had one briefly) is not there on console.

My PC is high spec, and was running Elite on Ultra, so it's not like I am only seeing this now because the console is 'better' Just wondered if anyone else had noticed the subtle differences?

I also noticed that OPEN on the console is far more viable and seems to have far fewer Pk'ers than the PC..the very reason I sought this group out in the first place.

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Re: Has anyone else that plays on PC and Console noticed this?

Postby TorTorden » Thu Apr 20, 2017 3:39 pm

There are no scooping vents.

But what you describe sounds like the heat vents that open and radiate as your ship heats up.
Jumping, scooping etc are both activities that produce a lot of heat.

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