Fleet carrier upgrade and engineering for X-Mass please?

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Fleet carrier upgrade and engineering for X-Mass please?

Postby thinder » Thu Dec 23, 2021 2:10 am

Since I get myself my carrier I have been moving it around a bit, from Wolf 363 to Colonia and now on my way to CEOS, I'm rather happy with it only for a few things...
500 Ly range for <> 114tons of Tritium is rather poor for propulsion system performances, so I was thinking; why not introducing an upgrade and engineering system similar to that of ships such as the Anaconda with more fuel efficient engines, improved navigation system, Guardian FSD booster to increase jump range and SFC?
I'm ready to pay for the upgrades and farm materials for engineering but right now, the carrier is too limited in terms of mobility and the tritium consumption is perhaps a bit high, it would be a huge improvement if we could give them more flexibility this way.
I'll leave my wish list in my sock near my chimney for Elite's own Santa to have a look at it and wish you all a Merry X-Mass and happy New Year!

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