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Deep space miners

Postby Cmdr Simpleye » Tue Oct 06, 2015 6:43 pm

Hello Commanders
I am considering outfitting my Anaconda as a deep space explorer/miner and would be grateful for any loadout advice
l am thinking of mining for high value itemes only
Beryllium, gold, palladium, platinum and painite

Explore, mine when the opertunity arises and head home with a full cargo bay
Here is the loadout I am thinking about

4x class 3 turreted pulse lasers
2x class 2 mining laser
2x class 1 seeker missile racks
point defence
6x heat sinks
Lightweight alloy
D8 power plant
D8 thrusters
A5 life support
A8 power distributer
D8 sensor
C5 fuel tank
320 tone of cargo
A5 shield
A5 fuel scoop
A5 auto field maintenance unit
A3 collector limpet
Advanced discovery scanner
detailed surface scanner
A2 refinery

25 ly jump range unladen
18 ly ladened

Cmdr Simpleye

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