Deep Core Mining for Absolute Beginners.

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Deep Core Mining for Absolute Beginners.

Postby Norwin Palmer » Tue Sep 01, 2020 1:49 pm

This is a playlist with nine videos covering a lot of generic topics for new CMDRs as well as the mining aspects. It's focus is on CMDRS coming out of the starting area with ~350K-400K credits that want to start Deep Core Mining (DCM).

Video one, Outfitting for Deep Core Mining, doesn't just give an example of outfitting (although an Adder example is supplied in the description) but walks through the thought process of outfitting for Deep Core mining. It also covers some basics like setting up fire groups and purchasing limpets/Advanced Maintenance.

Videos two and three cover Rocky Ring Deep Core Mining and walk through the learning process that is tailored for new CMDRs and beginner ships where most DCM videos are focused on Void Opal hunting, which I feel unnecessary complicates the process, or walk before you run. It also covers dropping into a ring at a random spot, dealing with power issues, setting up module priorities, locating a core, cracking the core, deploying limpets, abrasion blasting, fragment collection, and avoiding the limpet bug that might destroy your ship. The prospecting process used will also be explained in detail here (and not repeated) so if skipping ahead to later videos it might not be clear why things are done in a particular way (the process).

The other videos: Rocky Ring Deep Core Mining: Cracking and Collecting Ore Fragments, Deep Core Mining: Selling Options and Decisions, Deep Core Mining: Traveling, Interdiction, and Fuel Scooping, Deep Core Mining: Traveling, Dropping Into Station and Docking, Icy Ring Deep Core Mining: Finding a Core Asteroid, Metal Rich Ring Deep Core Mining: Finding a Core Asteroid, Deep Core Mining: Final Thoughts (ramblings).

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