Tips for, ahem, 'embargo running' to weaponize trading?

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Tips for, ahem, 'embargo running' to weaponize trading?

Postby CMDR MunChuuChrr » Thu Mar 29, 2018 12:49 am

I know bringing biowaste to a station is a good go to for eroding the controlling faction's influence.

But I am now also looking into 'embargo running' certain trade goods which anti-free market, un-Federation types, have put in place to secure their tyrannical holds on their systems.

So, what sort of less, common commodities, should I look to be bringing in to meet the unmet needs of these oppressed markets?

Currently, to practice my reduced heat signal flight procedures, I am using a Hauler with small quantities of overly restricted goods. Should I continue on to a Type-6? Or a micro step up to Adder setup for cool running?

Thanks fellow CMDRs for your advice.
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