Welcome Commander! Introduce yourself in here.
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Postby Moirai » Sun May 22, 2022 1:49 pm

Hello everyone!

Bit of a noob here, as I've only been playing Elite Dangerous for about a month. So far though, I've managed to fully kit out a Diamondback Explorer and equip it with an engineered FSD (jump range), power plant (armoured), and surface scanner (increased range) and now have a single jump range of around 57 ly on a 5A drive. Currently hauling an SRV as well for those local trips.

Also have around 112 million credits, so not doing too bad so far. Although I have no idea what to spend them on as I am very happy with the Diamondback and have no interest in changing it. Guess it's just pocket change at present. :P

Currently I'm exploring around Station X in the Crab Nebula, which was quite a hike to get to, but well worth it for the pulsar and nebula.

Oh, to avoid any confusion, I'm male and occasionally roleplay a female character in some games. Like here. So don't be misled by the CMDR name. :P

Other than that, I've just filled out the registration form for the MOBIUS PVE EURASIA group, so hope to see some of you around at times.


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Postby GreenViper » Mon May 23, 2022 6:00 pm

Greetings and welcome to Mobius, Commander CATE NICHOLLS
Hope to meet you in the Black one day, my favourite activity also being exploration.
Been away for awhile due to RL obligations but plan on returning to space in the near future.

The learning curve in E-D is pretty darn steep, so be sure to ask a lot of questions.  We're here to help! :)

Feel free to add your name to our 'In game friends lists'
In game friends list for PC

If you haven't requested to join yet then please see the instructions on our join page.
Be sure to follow them carefully so all necessary steps on your side are taken to avoid delays in the acceptance process.

Check out our Team Speak and Discord servers, which are great ways to chat, meet, and organize with other players.
Also, make sure to check the Policy page if you haven't already.
On top of all of that, we also have a Facebook group and Twitter feed.
There is a lot of great info on the message board, and we have compiled a long list of Tips and Tricks to help new players acclimatize to the game while having fun.
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