Two Guys In Space Ep 6: First Combat

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Two Guys In Space Ep 6: First Combat

Postby Greylock3491 » Mon May 08, 2017 11:14 pm

Hey Mobius Nation!

TGS Grey here, and TGS Mace and I plan to again host our "Two Guys in Space" live stream in Mobius on XBOX (US) this Wednesday night at 7pm EDT!

Due to some issues with Twitch, it's likely we won't be using our main Twitch channel, but instead will be using Beam at

And because we've spent the last 5 episodes hauling cargo (and barring a new cargo CG,) we'll likely be taking some virgin Eagles out for some Hi-Res combat!

(Should be funny, and frustrating as I typically use an a-spec vulture)

If you miss the live event you can always catch the replays on

As always, comments and suggestions are very welcome!!!

Fly Safe o7


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