Seeking Clarification: Zero-G environments?

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Re: Seeking Clarification: Zero-G environments?

Postby JTringali » Thu Dec 27, 2018 11:06 pm

The funniest thing about "gravity boots" is that they are employed as a sci-fi way to use earthbound actors on TV shows. There's no practical advantage to mag walking on a ship, and it's actually a massive disadvantage. Have you ever seen the size of the Apollo craft? How can 3 guys live in there for 2 weeks? Well, in zero g every surface is a floor/ceiling so you can spread out a lot more. The cockpits in Elite are STUUUUPID big. Far too big to be practical (the glass on a "fighter" like a Vulture is the size of a 3 bedroom flat), but that's more due to FD's lack of realism and push for a way to keep a 3D avatar from clipping into too many things. Someday.

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