Killer Whales - Looking for More Members

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Killer Whales - Looking for More Members

Postby IndigoWyrd » Wed Dec 06, 2017 6:20 pm

Wait, who?

The Killer Whales is player group, hoping to gather enough people to apply for full-blown Minor Faction status at some point, but before we can do that, we need live, active bodies. That's where you come in.

We're not like other player groups, in that we do not prohibit anyone from joining another player group as well. In fact, we encourage people to join with other player groups. It gives us a sort of mystique that sets us apart. We have few and very simple rules:

1. Do Not Attack a Fellow Whale - it's not that we condemn PVP, in fact, some of us actually enjoy it, but it's generally bad for group cohesion if we're fighting among ourselves. This also does not exclude consensual combat between members, nor does it exclude "Hey, can you KWS me and claim my bounty" requests. This generally goes against the overall Mobius no-PVP position, which is why we only engage with each other in consensual combat. This often takes the form of:

a. Weapons and Shield testing - when all parties are agreed, we don't have a problem with someone testing their new weapons loadout or shield configurations on each other. In these cases, we're not actively trying to destroy each other, but rather to simply judge how effective something is.

b. Stock Ship Competitions - using cheap, right out of the ship yard, stock ships, we have held combat events previous, and these have all been a great deal of fun for those involved. We hold these in separate Private Groups so as not to disturb anyone else.

c. "Scan Me and Claim My Bounty" - usually the result of some overzealous Bounty Hunting or some other miscreant deed. Nothing slows down one's progress through a CG like carrying a week long bounty.

2. Aid A Fellow Whale When Possible - We don't expect anyone to race across the galaxy to help someone out, but if you are able to render assistance to a fellow Whale, please do so. I've personally taken on flying a pure support ship, equipped with Fuel Limpets, Repair Limpets, and Regeneration lasers to provide combat support, refueling, repairing and rescue operations on many occasions. I also claimed my first Thargoid kill in this same ship! I've picked up extra Rare goods for other commanders - like Fujin Tea, Kamitra Cigars and Xihe Companions to assist others in unlocking engineers and minimizing the number of back-and-forth trips required. Rendering aid to one another is just good for group cohesion

3. When Participating in Killer Whale Events, you must participate in an Orca - this ship is our namesake, and if you're not familiar with them, they're quite capable of being a lot more than just space limos. The ship I mentioned above in #2, named Rescue Zero, is an Orca. If you don't own one, we'll also be glad to (#2 above) help you earn the credits to buy one. It's also quite impressive to see a wing or three of Orcas working together. Much in the same way groups like The Hell's Angels are known for the Harley Davidson motorcycles, we're known for our Orcas.

4. Leave Your Politics at Home - We're a non-aligned group. We don't have any particular love or hate of any super-power, major or minor faction. At least, not when we come together as a group. When participating in events, it doesn't matter if your a Federation dog, a Stuffed Imperial shirt, or an Alliance Troublemaker. You are a Whale first. You're the Grand Poobah of The Order of Purple Sun and Federation Fleet Admiral second. Outside of the event, you are whatever and whoever you desire, but you are still a Whale.

If you're looking for a fun group of people to fly with, some entertaining events to participate in, and want to help us grow, send me a message. We also have a presence on, so be sure to request a join there as well.

And Remember - We're in the Top .5% of all Liners out there.

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