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by pedro bandino
Wed Jan 31, 2018 6:27 pm
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: Random talk about Tea and Me
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Re: Random talk about Tea and Me

HI, another Brit here, drink coffee can drink tea but dont really enjoy it. Love the smell of peppermint tea, but the taste is foul. Had a business trip to Hong Kong many years ago and they put Carnation Milk into tea making it go pink. Very strange

Coffee 99% of the time
by pedro bandino
Thu Jan 25, 2018 10:08 pm
Forum: General Assembly
Topic: Bounties breakdown which help/hinder
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Bounties breakdown which help/hinder

HI, just started to run some missions for OOM. I got interdicted, and the bounty was broken down into an amount for a faction and an amount for the empire. If performing missions for a faction (black Ram) who are empire, could that be handed in for them. Would like to know as dont want to reverese a...
by pedro bandino
Sun Jan 14, 2018 12:24 pm
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: What are you doing (ingame) now?
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Re: What are you doing (ingame) now?

Hi, working on my Federal ranking by running all types of trade/passenger missions so I can buy a Corvette. Met my first commander in the game who helped me in his Beluga when I was interdicted by an FDL and Vulture. Both of us came away and delivered our passengers. Really nice to meet other comman...
by pedro bandino
Fri Jan 12, 2018 7:34 pm
Forum: News and Announcements
Topic: The Elite Commander Roster
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Re: The Elite Commander Roster

New to the group looking forward to get more active over time. o7 commanders
by pedro bandino
Thu Jan 04, 2018 10:07 pm
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Please introduce yourself.
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Re: Please introduce yourself.

Hi, name is peter living in southern England, been playing in and off for a couple of years. Love mining, and currently have a Python which I love and Anaconda which I did not fancy for quite a while, but the fighter option makes it so much fun. I don't really battle that much only when I have to an...

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