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Brand new user - seeking system spec help

Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 1:51 am
by Yerbury
Greetings everyone

I have been playing WoW for the last ~10 years and I've had (more than) enough. I am now looking for a new game to play, which will have a more mature feel to it and which won't demand as much play/grind time (we have a baby on the way).

Question 1: I have read a lot about VR. I am presently unwilling to opt for VR, as I can't be immersed to that degree in anything at all, let alone entertainment platforms like gaming. The suggestion from YouTube reviews and the like is that ED without VR is too big a compromise, and that I will be greatly shortchanged on gameplay. Is this consistent with your experiences?

Question 2: If playing ED without VR is still a worthwhile pursuit, I am hoping for some system upgrade guidance. I presently run an i5-3570 on an ASUS P8Z77-V board with a GTX 960 GPU and 16GB of DDR3 RAM. I would really like to upgrade to a 27" 2560x1440 monitor for gaming and general applications (my current monitor is an old 23" SyncMaster 1920x1080 @60Hz), and would be very grateful for input on:- (i) whether I would need a 144Hz monitor for ED; and (ii) what minimum GPU/CPU combo would be needed to compliment the monitor and game settings I have in mind.

Many thanks to anyone who can help this old newbie out.

All the best to you

Re: Brand new user - seeking system spec help

Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 7:59 am
by GreenViper
Hello and Welcome to Mobius Commander

I have no VR myself so can't answer Q1, but on Q2, it's definitely worth it... I myself use it in combination with my TrackIR5 and love it.

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Re: Brand new user - seeking system spec help

Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 10:24 am
by JohnLuke
Welcome to the group Yerbury.

ED in VR is amazing, but certainly not required to get a ton of enjoyment of out of the game. I think I'd played ED for about 1.5 years before getting a Vive. I don't feel like I missed anything. VR adds more excitement to the game for sure, but ED is PLENTY of fun without it.

I used to run a GTX 970 when I first bought ED (4 years ago). It ran fine on my i7 4770 with that 970 card. I think I had nearly all the graphics settings on high or ultra on the 29" wide screen monitor I was running at the time. Not sure what resolution I was running then.

I still have the i7 4770 processor and use a GTX 1080 these days. It runs ED at 3440X1440 on my ultra wide 34" monitor, full 'ultra' display quality settings, and locked in at 60 Hz.

I've been a PG gamer my entire life and I've never had a 144Hz monitor. I can't speak to whether or not it would be worth the investment.

Hope this helps. :)

Re: Brand new user - seeking system spec help

Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 10:58 am
by TorTorden
YouTubers mainly try to make themselves sound important. Their not.

If you have Vr almost everyone prefers VR.
There are some who finds it to low res and too demanding, all valid opinions.

There's probably a thousand players who play and don't use VR for every one that does.

But it's still a great game without It, a lot of things are easier without it too.
Like snacking, googling, having a drink of water etc.
I play exclusively in VR and I normally don't even have my coffee with me for playing anymore.
Even beer would require using a straw.

And as you say, being responsible for a baby and play in VR.
That's a nope, you would need a baby sitter for playing cause you would be lost in space so good call.

Congratulations on the baby !

Elite is actually very flexible when it comes to hardware and many play it daily on hardware less than what you already have.

And you should be able to run high if not ultra settings at 1080p with what you got right now.

Might want to apply a filter to some people's opinions.
Like myself who has fallen down the rabbit hole hard.

And spent nearly $3k on a pc to run this in VR, and another grand on controllers.
We got a lot of expenses to justify.. :s

Fact is Elite scales very well as a game.
There really isn't that much I can do that someone with a system like yours and a mouse and keyboard can't do as well.

Upgrading from 1080p is always a good idea.
And a 2560×1440 is good step up.

And you should be able to get decent settings even with The 960, by ideally I would upgrade to something like a 1070/2060 but then youl also be possible to max all settings and fly.
Might also depend on what version of the 960 you have the 2gb version of the card would probably struggle more with the new screen than the 4gb version.

If you also want to go high Hertz you might, start running into a CPU bottleneck, that's just a maybe, you could be fine.

But upgrading that would require practically building a new rig cause they would also require DRR4 ram as well as new motherboard and CPU.

Get the game now, it will be worth it on what you got, get a new monitor, ideally a new gpu and if you go for 120+ it won't have to necessarily run at that always, you could for example lock it down to 80-90 and you should be able to handle that fine, especially with a new gpu.
And as you upgrade further you could still use the monitor and gpu going forward.

But anything worth doing in terms of the CPU would require a new motherboard and ram as well.

Re: Brand new user - seeking system spec help

Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 2:49 pm
by Yerbury
Thank you - all of you - for your very kind welcome, and for the very helpful information.

Based on your replies, it seems to me that opting for a more expensive 144Hz monitor isn't worth it solely for Elite Dangerous. This would be a welcome development, given the (seeming) premium for this feature. I would love to get a 2560x1440 VA monitor with its significant upgrades to colour and resolution, but the prices for 144Hz monitors are a bit frightening! JohnLuke, the fact that you have played the game on a 60Hz monitor without the experience of a 144 is very reassuring, thank you!

TorTorden, your comments regarding upgrades are useful, thank you. My goal is to overhaul the system at some point later this year, so a new round of CPU/MB/RAM is in the pipeline, although not for a number of months yet. I will focus on the monitor and (possibly) GPU for the time being and go from there.

GreenViper, thank you for those links. Is it the case that I join/sigh up once I have acquired the game and created a character?

All the best

Re: Brand new user - seeking system spec help

Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 3:19 pm
by SamTargaryen
I am playing 4k on my 42'' TV and the experience is amazing!

I would suggest a 1080 or higher and a 4k monitor, because some of the views in the game are stunning.

From a gameplay point of view, I think an H.O.T.A.S is a must. Flying with it is a completely different experience, even with a faulty and not really good x56.

Re: Brand new user - seeking system spec help

Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 3:59 pm
by Yerbury
Thank you SamTargaryen. 4K is a bit beyond what I need, I believe. Elite Dangerous will be the only game I play, and otherwise, my computer use is limited to standard Office applications, browsing/surfing and some Netflix streaming. I haven't done any research on 4K pricing but I am guessing that the cost is daunting. I'm really hoping to restrict the price to around CAN$500-600 if at all possible. That said, your setup sounds terrific.

It is funny that you mention HOTAS - I have also been reading a bit on controls etc this morning. I was planning to use keyboard/mouse only, but that may not be feasible.

Re: Brand new user - seeking system spec help

Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 4:53 pm
by tinnitus
Your going to love Elite and the players visiting this site have many elite game years, friendly, willing to share details including hardware information oh and it is accurate. :) I built my Game rig from most of the recommendation here I know I like it just need for the kid to give it back to me.

Re: Brand new user - seeking system spec help

Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 4:58 pm
by JohnLuke
The game can certainly be played with keyboard and mouse. Many many player do, and some guys have tried HOTAS and gone back to kb/m.

Some others, like me, that prefer a more immersive/realistic experience use a HOTAS.

It's all a choice.

Re: Brand new user - seeking system spec help

Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 5:08 pm
by TorTorden
It was about three years ago.

But I too had a 960 and an i5 4690k etc.
And upgraded from a 1080p panel to an ultra wide 3440×1440 @ 60 Hz. Haven't had the joy of playing at higher fps than that either, apart from VR that is.

It was almost good enough so you might just be fine , especially if you can dial down a setting or two.

The console versions of this game is limited to 30fps btw.

If you want to get technical about it:
At 30fps you have 33.3 milliseconds per frame.
At 60fps that that becomes 16.6ms.
At 120fps 8.3ms.

Meaning the decrease in delay between frames when going from 60 to 120 is half that of when moving from 30 to 60 and so on.
The higher you go the lower the actual difference becomes less and less.

Pretty much beyond 120-140 fps it would be a rather small subset of humans capable of telling the difference.

60fps might not be 'fully ideal', but it's far closer to "good enough" than less (adoy).
And the cost of more could quite quickly be more than what is worthwhile, it's a fluid concept. It will all depend on level of personal interest and available funds.

Not everyone are as insane as myself.
Or at least, need to make different priorities than a single, childless, guy rapidly approaching his 40's :)

Elite has room for a great variety of play styles.
It doesn't have to be a twitch space combat game.
It could be a slower pace space trucking/mining simulator, or you can go off into the billions of still undiscovered and unmapped space with the only risk is crashing with stars.

It could be any and all of them.

It is perfectly feasible to use mouse and keyboard. The game is designed rather flexibly in this regard.

Most who do enjoy this does get a HOTAS, a bit for control, and it's a great boon to immersion.

But it does take a bit to get used to.

Personally I had experience from the old 90's with wingcommander, descent, free space etc using a hotas so elite and a hotas was like coming home.
So I have not only gone above and beyond on it.

But am currently playing with not one but two $400 flightstick with a $500 throttle and $350 or so worth of pedals.

You can get very decent set of a hotas between $130-$250.

And it's not required.
I myself play right next to players with mouse and keyboard and if at all they are at best half a step behind me even in the most intense forms of combat.

And several of them outperform other players with these extras.

There really is nothing you couldn't do with a mouse and keyboard setup compared to me with my over the top one.
I just get an immense sense of enjoyment from having it, so I find it absolutely worth it.
But that's only for me.