Logitech X52 Pro MFD display utility release

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Logitech X52 Pro MFD display utility release

Postby pakkenberg » Fri Aug 16, 2019 10:40 am

Hello fellow commanders.

I recently treated myself to the X52 pro hotas, and got very excited when I realized I could display information on it's multi-function display (MFD) :D .

My excitement quickly waned when I realised I had to program in C++ to talk to the thing, though :? .

But, with some help from Github, I have now produced two separate tools for my fellow commanders!

The first is a very simple "driver" for the MFD. It will continuously monitor a json file for changes, and display the information in the file on the hotas unit as it is updated.
This means that you can write to this json file from any tool and have the information show on the display without the need to write any C++ code yourself.

The second tool is an Elite: Dangerous-specific tool that reads the game logs to display:
  • Commander name and current credits
  • Current cargo hold (useful for mining)
  • Current location

While the initial version should be stable, this tool is more of a work in progress, and I'm currently looking to pull data from edsm.net and other sources to display on the hotas as well. So, there might be further updates here in the future.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for either tool, or if you find them useful.

CMDR Pakkenberg signing off.

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