Mining advice needed

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Mining advice needed

Postby chenzo1331 » Sun Apr 21, 2019 9:31 pm

Hello fellow commanders 07.

Ive recently returned to game after a long arse break and just wanted some advice

Ive been back in the game about 3 weeks now. First week i did a long exploration in my asp to try out new exploration stuff. Was awesome, visited some nebulas, found some thargoid stuff and made 175 million, which is more then i made on my first two runs to colonia back before exploration was changed, so payouts much better now.

With this little cash injection, i desided to start messing around with mining and first converted my python as a miner on a few local res sites to my home system. Paid out ok and only needed 7 short runs to make back all i had spent rekitting the python.
I got annoyed with all the scans and attempted piracy though, so headed to shinrata to kit out a bigger ship for some deep, deep space mining at a beautiful pristine ice system i discovered on my earlier exploration.

I desided to use my corvette, as i could fit all required modules and mining tools and still have hardpoints for defence turrets and over 300 cargo.
I have recently returned from the journey (146 jump round trip) and i made great money from it, but i didnt really need as much cargo and the number of jumps was insane in my corvette (fsd is modded for quick charge, not distance, as its intended purpose is a conflict zone ship).

So , my question is, what do other miners on here use as a dedicated mining ship for deep space mining?.
Im toying with the idea of getting a type 10 or refitting my conda or cutter, but all three are expensive options. Advice could save me lots of grinding for money and mods lol

Thanks in advance guys

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Re: Mining advice needed

Postby Norwin Palmer » Mon Apr 22, 2019 9:40 pm

If you want to mine in deep space my advice would be to equip Guardian FSD boosters, max engineer FSD, and fit fuel scoop in addition to normal mining stuff. See if there are any Neutron stars you can get a boost from to shorten the trip. It isn't something I would ever do but if forced would look at doing it in an Anaconda.

I can't see any upsides to deep space mining only downsides. What is your purpose for mining and specifically deep space mining?

Seven runs in a Python laser mining and taking advantage of the changes brought into the game by the last patch should conservatively net something North of 500M credits, deep core mining would pay even more than that, so making credits doesn't seem like a factor for you.

If you want peaceful mining drop into a ring well away from RES sites, slow to 1Mm/s or less before hitting the ring. After scanning your ship and finding only limpets pirates will leave and never return unless you log off then back on or jump out then back into the ring. Once you have ore in cargo bay don't log off or move positions by going into supercruise unless prepared to deal with that initial spawn that always happens.

You already know how to get combat mining just mine within 15Km of a RES marker.

If you wish to do semi-peaceful mining drop into the RES (carrying only limpets for cargo) boost to 20Km from the RES marker and wait till all pirate scans are finished and they have lost interest and moved away (same process as peaceful above). Then start mining but stay within the 15Km to 20Km range from marker. The closer to 20Km the more likely to be peaceful, the closer to 15Km the more likely for combat.

From the standpoint of making credits, the new deep core mining is generally considered the most profitable, fun, and accessible. The new stuff for laser mining is centered around hotposts and price changes. More specifically overlapping hotspots mining Painite or Low Temperature Diamonds, this tool will help you locate those overlapping hotspots (and markets to sell the products). The max prices for Painite is around 780K/t and LTD 1M/t because of the price changes in those two minerals most of the laser mining activity has been for those.

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