[HOWTO] Export/import & backup CORIOLIS builds

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[HOWTO] Export/import & backup CORIOLIS builds

Postby cyberbofh » Sun Aug 12, 2018 1:34 pm

Heads up CMDRs!

EDMC updated to release 3.12 and sends it’s ship builds to https://coriolis.io (= the new one)
instead of https://coriolis.edcd.io (=the old one)

(there's always a but!)

You'll have to migrate your ship builds yourself!

HOWTO Migrate Coriolis ship builds
from https://coriolis.edcd.io (=the old one)
to https://coriolis.io (= the new one)

  1. get some coffee

  2. OPEN https://coriolis.edcd.io (=the old one) in your web browser

  3. CLICK "gear symbol" in top right corner

  4. CLICK backup

  5. SELECT ALL weird garbled text (=these are your ship builds) and COPY

  6. OPEN https://coriolis.io (= the new one) in second browser tab

  7. CLICK "gear symbol" in top right corner

  8. CLICK import

  9. PASTE ALL weird garbled text

  10. CLICK "Proceed"

  11. CLICK "Import"

  12. You're done and your coffee should be cool enough now to drink.. enjoy! :D
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Reason: made typo due lack of coffee..

Fly safely CMDR! o7

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Re: [HOWTO] Export/import & backup CORIOLIS builds

Postby JohnLuke » Sun Aug 12, 2018 2:10 pm

Thanks Cyber :)

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