Random talk about Tea and Me

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Re: Random talk about Tea and Me

Postby Orochimaru » Fri Feb 02, 2018 7:56 pm

EmmyJ96 wrote:So... I live in America. A small town in the state of Iowa, just off a major highway. If you're driving by on this highway, you blink and you've past the town (Granted, it stretches north from the highway, and isn't that wide...). It's a quiet place where much doesn't happen. Almost everyone is the same; but even amongst my diverse group of friends, I am different. I love tea. I have a kettle (I know! Gasp!). I don't drink coffee. I have several cups of tea a day. I have 2 bulk packages of Twinings Earl Grey in my pantry. I drink mainly that and an imported Japanese green tea, but will sometimes drink other teas, as well. But I'm considered weird because of my love of tea. Yet, in the two places in the world I am very interested in, this wouldn't be unusual at all.

If you don't mind, would you enlighten me with your thoughts on tea, and where you live in the world?
I just want to hear this, because I think it could be interesting.
Lived in Asia for 5 years and tea rules big time! Apart from Vietnam where they like coffee, tea is the drink!

Green tea is my choice and I bought this fancy Japanese teapot and tea cups, just for the hell of it! Just to enjoy tea.

But now I am in Munich Germany and beer is the name of the game. So my tea habits are on hold.

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Re: Random talk about Tea and Me

Postby sesslaine » Wed Nov 21, 2018 2:47 am

Absolutely love tea, me, particularly the stronger 'Yorkshire' strain, or as I like to call it, REAL tea. Add a little milky, dash of sugar (or honey for a change). It's sublime. I do also enjoy Earl Grey and have the audacity to put milk in that too. Green tea is a another little box in the cupboard.

But I am a coffee junkie. Tea is for when my hands shake - normally around the 5th pint. No - that's not a typo. I drink espresso by the mug, filter by the jug and often destroy an entire 200g jar of 'quality instant' (apologies) in a week. No milk, no sugar ... hot and bitter - like me :)

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