Please introduce yourself.

Welcome Commander! Introduce yourself in here.
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Re: Please introduce yourself.

Postby VANELLUS » Wed May 08, 2019 7:51 pm

Greeting fellow Cmdrs,

I've been an Elite fanatic since Braben and Bell unleashed it on me as a teenager in 1984. Played it on so many platforms over the years, I've lost track...

Finally, last year I had built a rig mainly for photo editing and the penny dropped.... Elite Dangerous!!!!

Treated myself at Christmas and was hooked all over again.. Having done my reading I pretty much decided from the off that PvP wasn't really the place for me and came across Mobius on my Google travels and thought that sound more like it and joined in January.

Since then I've been busy getting back in the chair, managed to build a fleet of three ships and on the engineering/Credits grind.

Currently camped in the Diaguandri System at Ray Gateway.

I'm now getting more interested in the BGS and the deeper mechanics of the environment and would like to hook up with fellow Cmdrs to really begin this adventure in the Black...

Find me on Discord & INARA

Cmdr Vanellus

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Re: Please introduce yourself.

Postby Stevan54 » Fri May 10, 2019 5:14 pm

Salute Cmdrs,

I first played Elite in 1984 on the BBC micro.

I bought Elite Dangerous 2 years ago , but as I was working overseas quite a bit I did not have much chance to play it. I retired a year ago and finally had a chance to really get into it.

I played mostly in Solo and built up my credits mostly on missions, upgrading ships when possible. Also I did the "Road to Riches" which enabled me to buy and 'A' rate my current ship and fully engineer it. I am slowly building my Combat rank with bounty hunting.

I applied to MOBIUS PVE EURASIA this afternoon and was accepted in less than 2 hours!

I have my home base in Shinrarta Dezhra [Jameson Memorial} as I can easily try new weapons/modules.

I am also on INARA.

See you in the black o7

Steve Lewis

Lili von Shtüpp
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Greetings from CMDR Lili von Shtüpp

Postby Lili von Shtüpp » Sun May 12, 2019 2:51 pm

Hi, this is Lili von Shtüpp reporting in. I joined the Eurasia and Factions groups and am currently training to do exploration. You may see me buzzing around in the No Turn Unstoned, at Type 6 kitted out for exploration.

Even if I expect to play mostly solo or with a family member who also joined, I appreciate having the option of encountering others. Without being frivolously ganked, I wish to add, I had enough of that in EVE back in the day.

I am happy to be here and wish you all safe travels.

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Re: Please introduce yourself.

Postby Luthansa88 » Sun May 12, 2019 7:00 pm

Name in game is Lufthansa_88
You probably all think I’m a heathen for playing on PS4 lol, but that’s all I could afford at the time.

I picked it up last year and played for quite a while, grinding to get a type7 transporter, but then life happened and I only just picked it up again today.

After familiarising myself with the hotas controls again running trade for several hours decided I wanted to aim for sol.

My question is will I ever get there without a fuel scoop? If not I have turn back.

Iv never completely understood the navigation properly, and never really managed to get out of a fairly local collection of stars before I run out of fuel.

The last system I remember being in was Delphi

Any help would be greatly received

Many thanks

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Re: Please introduce yourself.

Postby McLeoud » Mon May 13, 2019 3:32 pm

HI !
My real name is Bodo (No, I have no "Bagger" (excavator) *lol*). 53years old (yes I know, old man shouldn't play with computers, but I do).
I'm from Germany (Westerwald) , but I feel more like a real European with German roots.
So I apologize for my humpy English, I don't speak or write it often, so I need a little bit of training, because I need it in the future, when my profession changes in the way, I planned it.
In game my nick is like here in the forum "McLeoud" in a deep love for Scotland and the highlander movie's, you can call me "Mac".

I hope to meet someone of you out there and we may have fun with trading or missions or whatever.
I played Elite first on Amiga in it's best years. It was not the first game I played, but it made fun, especially because there was so much freedom in playing it. This "new" Elite (dangerous" I bought it last year on weekend sale or something of this funny selling actions of steam.
I liked it on the first sight, because of this beautiful graphics and the real good physics and immersion. The only two things I hate, was at first this really awful registration procedure. The second thing I hate, are those stupid idiots with there PVP ambitions. Why don't they do with themselves, instead of peaceful players like me, which only want to play the game and get only stress with pirates, thargoids or enemy factions (NPC). No, they blasted me more than three times right before the station first out of the space, than out of the game!
I had no motivation to do all this grinding to get a new (or more) ship once again. I have only one left, its a Keelback (I believe so, because I have been more than a year not in game, and have forgotten many things about it). And some parts stored in various places, I don't know, which I need or not. Need to check out.
A short time ago, I thought what is happened to this game, and have something changed to it, to make it more comfortable to players like me? So I reactivated it and looked into the news and some forums. And suddenly I found this group, which seems to think and feel the same about Idiots in games like me :) .
That was the ignition for me to try it again, in a private group of gamers, who like the game like I do it!
And so I joined you :) .
I hope, my friend Andreas (Piratte) will manage to join this group too, but for him this will be a real challenge, because his English is much more then rusty (more broken) :D . He thinks, that PVP is the core of the game, I don't think so, and I have tried often to explain this to him. I hope he accept this and follow me here in this group, even, if he doesn't write so much as me :). And as a friend, he will accept the rules of this group, so this should be no problem (even because he is more a trader and adventurer, than a fighter!).

I'm a big star trek fan (Picard a little bit more than Kirk), and that is the way I want to explore the universe in Elite!

So, live long and knusper (prosper) !

PS: It may take a little time, until I really get back into the game, because I have a (big) healthy problem with my fresh operated prostata, which could cause hard interruptions of gaming, so I have to wait until it's better. And I need to learn to fly my ship once again.

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Re: Please introduce yourself.

Postby JohnLuke » Mon May 13, 2019 9:42 pm

McLeoud wrote:I'm a big star trek fan (Picard a little bit more than Kirk), and that is the way I want to explore the universe in Elite!

LOL... me too. :)

Welcome to the group.

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