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Re: Warning for GeForce Experience Users

Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 1:59 pm
by TorTorden
Loriath wrote:
TorTorden wrote:Yeah, I just can't really consider myself clearing my save, but I am seriously considering a second copy, already made a second frontier account :p

It damn well better be named "Bob" or we will hunt you down and kill you... :P

I remember clearing my save in August of 2015. Great fun. I am now starting to realise that the fun I am having now is regardless of the ships. In fact, it may be time to sell off the Cutter and others and get back to the real fun of flying the small/mediums.

Think someone already took them though.
And I refuse to go "B0b81" or some other juvenile callsign.

I just decided to give planet coaster a whirl though, I have enjoyed a few tycoon games over the years, and this seemed similar..

Fire it up, and what's this?
Design a hipster ?

Ok now what, Video tutorials ?
That's a practice that belongs next to using Jpg images to display text, and HTML blink tags.
Fire up a scenario, to see what this supposed main game look like, and sure, graphics seem nice and all but really not all that
Honestly transport tycoon from 1990 made more sense and had better focus than this.