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Scout Hunting for Beginners (AX CZ)

Posted: Wed May 08, 2019 12:16 pm
by Norwin Palmer
Using an unengineered Vulture and common AX weapons. The tricky parts are getting started and getting out at the right time. Good for combat rank and helps with getting stations back online if done in system under Thargoid incursion.

Getting started is mostly luck but try to get close to the NPC allies or engage target if attacked before then. Try to decontaminate and repair as soon as practical, either away from main fight or between resetting CZ instance.

When 100K bond is issued Scout portion of fight is over, get out ASAP. If you miss the bond notice, then get out when the incoming Interceptor message plays.

Go Flight Assist Off and boost while Frame Shift Drive is charging so your ship will continue to drift at high speed if Thargoid Shutdown EMP hits it, it will usually drift clear of danger. If not have high wake point set and go to it immediately.

Re: Scout Hunting for Beginners (AX CZ)

Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2019 8:04 am
by de Carabas
I've had a lull in playing out of lacking a real purpose in (Elite) life but scout hunting has given me the boost that core mining did for a while.
I'm on a mission to get to tripple Elite and a few short sessions have got me up from about Deadly +60% to 70%.
One build on the advice from me and one question.

For decontamination I've found that as soon as you have destroyed a scout and before you target the next is the point to deploy the decontamination limpet. As soon as it is starting its' work you can target the next scout and keep going. Clearly if you make a run for it when an Interceptor comes in, you can drop out of FS somehwere quite and run the decontamination before turning round and heading back in.

The question is on the shutdown field. I have a shutdown field neutralizer installed but when the Interceptor does it's shutdown field thing my ship shuts down. So - what's with that?

Re: Scout Hunting for Beginners (AX CZ)

Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2019 2:45 pm
by Norwin Palmer
If a limpet gets hit in combat there is a chance it will be destroyed (nearly 100% it seems) so it is a calculated risk to enter combat while a limpet is repairing. If I have lots of limpets left I do as you suggest. If not I get out and stay out of combat till repairing is complete.

Repairing in NHSS
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Avoiding caustic damage
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There are lots of ways players suggest to use the Shutdown Field Neutralizer (SFN) but it needs to fire/charge prior to the Shutdown Field arriving and stay active (fire button pressed) for the entire time the Shutdown Field passes over the ship to succeed. It needs to be mapped to a fire group and fired/charged just prior to the Shutdown Field reaching your ship. It will quickly deplete the SYS Power Distributor (PD) energy and the time it is active depends on how much power your PD can supply. When the PD is empty it will automatically cut off. If you accidentally press the button for even an instant there is a 10 second cool down before it can be used again so don't fat finger it just before needing it, I know this only too well.

How I use SFN and observations
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Re: Scout Hunting for Beginners (AX CZ)

Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2019 3:21 pm
by de Carabas
That's some great detail Norwin. What becomes clear to me is that
1) I have no finesse. I'm going in there with a tank of a Corvette. So far I've never had a decon limpet shot off, perhaps due to the bulk of the ship in the way. There's no chance to avoid the caustic damage so I spam limpets which I carry many of.
2) For the SFN I was under the (wrong) impression that it was passive and just protected you! Did it work that way in the past or am I mad? I guess I'll keep running when the Interceptor arrives, not lost a ship yet (which is good given the 21 million credit rebuy)

Re: Scout Hunting for Beginners (AX CZ)

Posted: Sun Jun 30, 2019 11:10 am
by Norwin Palmer
I've never flown a Corvette but I do not think you should not have any great fears about hanging around in the AZ CZ when the Interceptors arrive, just be prepared in the normal ways with an escape plan.

Even the Vulture listed in the OP isn't threatened by Interceptors arriving unless it is more than two Cyclops or some mix of higher Interceptors. In fact a full spawn (7) of Scouts in a NHSS 4 can be more dangerous than two Cyclops when RNG comes together just right.

But there isn't any reason to hang about either as destroying Interceptors requires quite a different loadout and skill set from Scouts and doing it in an AX CZ probably isn't the best place to start learning. If interested in Interceptor combat I would suggest joining the AXI discord.

The SFN has always worked like that AFAIK, if used during hyperdictions it can produce some interesting results but I think they are most likely bugs.

Re: Scout Hunting for Beginners (AX CZ)

Posted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 9:36 am
by uvelius
Currently, I almost have no time at all to fire up my ships. But Scout hunting in NH CZ has proven to be a very entertaining thing indeed! Just was out Void Opal mining to get some insurance costs back in :)

Since I don't want to waste precious playtime for grinding, I went for straight AX only layout as well. As long as you don't forget to run away when the wake comes, and run in time when the Flower comes too close (after some target practice on the swarm), the Python shines.
Missile Rack is for securing the kill share if fighting the Flower in a wing.

Here we go: Loadout [LAB69] DIONAEA UVELII