Problem with npc pirate.

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Problem with npc pirate.

Postby Potatronus » Sat Feb 10, 2018 11:41 pm


I'm new here :).

I play ED about 2 weeks and again I got destroyed by NPC pirate, after i jet cargo npc wanted to (better cargo than destroyed my ASP Explorer).

I jet ALL MY CARGO to be sure he will get everything. I didint move, my engines was stopped, neither didn't deploy my hardpoints.
Can someone explain me, why in this case I've got destroyed, is it bug ?


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Roger Wilco Jr
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Re: Problem with npc pirate.

Postby Roger Wilco Jr » Sun Feb 11, 2018 2:24 pm

I feel your pain. I've played since pre-beta, and just started again after a long lay off. And last night it happened to me again. I had one cannister of cargo that I just scooped as part of a mission. I got instantly jumped by 4 pirates who demanded my cargo within 15 seconds. They started shooting about 5 seconds later as I was attempting to drop the cargo. I dropped it anyway, but that didn't stop them. I didn't try to fight (I'm still in a starter Sidey). I made the mistake of trying to low-wake out, while mass locked and close to a sun. I over heated, and by the time I tried to high wake out to another system it was too late.

I remember in the past that you could drop some cargo and they might say something like "that is not nearly enough" and you could drop some more, but the would stop shooting you. This still getting shot and killed after you dropped everything is bullshit - almost as bad as playing in open. I wouldn't be surprised if FD isn't doing this on purpose to try and make open look not so bad by comparison.

Anyway, assuming you can survive at least a few shots, I think the best move is to just boost away asap and high wake out to another system. Some chaff probably wouldn't hurt either. I made the mistake of trying a little more varied game play and got killed for it.
It's time to give this another go.

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Re: Problem with npc pirate.

Postby Xebeth » Sun Feb 11, 2018 8:48 pm

The interdiction mini-game has been made a lot easier than it used to be, and are now quite easy to win. Avoiding an interdiction this way stops the NPC, the old submit, boost, boost, jump, still works of course, but the NPC will just chase after you again.

As for dropping cargo, there are two options, Jettison and Abandon. Abandoning it makes it legal for people to pick it up, so maybe you need to do that, jettisoning it makes it illegal for people to pick it up, so maybe the pirate doesn't like that. I'm not sure on this however as I've never given cargo to a pirate. Note that you can not abandon mission cargo (i.e. stuff given to you to deliver).

Of course being ED, it could well just be a bug, if it is a bug then file a support ticket and you'll get your stuff back.
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