Planetary Scans

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Planetary Scans

Postby Hossyman » Sun Oct 29, 2017 12:27 pm

Those who did scans prior to the last 2.4 update knew we could stack scan missions, scan one beacon, and complete all for that planet. After the update, you may have 19 scan missions to the same planet which may have some of the same planetary location, but you have to leave the planet and return to do the next scan. I really do not have a problem doing this. My problem is being able to pick a specific mission with a location such as ATKZIN C1 which may have 19 scan missions scattered all over. Simple put, is there a way to pick a specific mission from my list of active missions such as one that will be expiring in 2 hours rather than guessing wrong and losing it ?


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Re: Planetary Scans

Postby Alecz » Wed Mar 21, 2018 2:31 pm

For planetary scans you can do this:

1 - Take missions in the same target system
2 - When you arrive use the Advanced Discovery Scanner which will reveal the location of all scan destinations. All missions will be updated with the target body.
3 - Select the mission expiring soonest and check the Target body (e.g. ATKZIN C1)
4 - Land on the planet and perform the scan
5 - Check if the scan location still shows the mission marker. If so, leave the planet (enter SC) and return to the same data point until it no longer shows the mission marker.

I found that even if the scan targets are scattered across the system you may be able to complete multiple missions by scanning the same data point as long as it belongs to the target faction.
This can be particularly useful if you found a PUBLIC data point as you will not incur WANTED status upon scanning.

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