Armour and Hull Reinforcement

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Re: Armour and Hull Reinforcement

Postby JohnLuke » Sun Sep 04, 2016 4:29 pm

TorTorden wrote:I am absolutely sure it has. Pre 2.1 simply putting mil spec on changed things quite drastically, bulkheads even more. So I used them rather sparingly but lately i notice considerably less impact in manoeuvrability from bulkheads. Could be my dirty drive tuning helping. But shield cell banks weigh as much as bulkheads these days.

If double also select your thrusters in outfitting you can see your pitch/roll/rate.

I do however get much more impact from putting pips to engines.
If you fight with pips to system and weapons then the vette hardly turns. But if you take fire without pips to system shields buckle surprisingly quickly.

Of course you don't need armor when you never loose shields but I have had instances where I did loose shields and my hull goes from 100 to 40 in the blink of an eye.
And military hull has thus been the difference of a rebuy and a repair bill.

I will certainly be adjusting the Vette's bulkheads and HRP's when I get back to the bubble. Thanks for confirming the changes post 2.1.

I absolutely agree about pip management while in battle. I'm adjusting mine all the time.

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Re: Armour and Hull Reinforcement

Postby LeDoyen » Fri Sep 01, 2017 7:41 pm

RD-83 wrote:Ok that all makes sense , thanks guys. The Mil Grade Reinforcement was mainly as a backup to give me more time to bug out if the shields broke.

as for GTFO on a small ship, you really want to be fast rather than tough. Experience has proved that you are never strong enough to survive hits when bailing out ^^ but when you have speed your chances of survival go up rather drastically.

I remember trying to take a deadly FGS during a community goal with my courrier. dropped half of its hull when he killed my shields. Hull was going down so fast that i just boosted away. in one boost i was out of range and could recharge shields quietly to come back for the kill.

For a small fighter my philosophy is to go light, engineer the shit out of the thrusters and whatever weapon i have, go for long range mods to start hitting from a distance when turning back from boosting away..
a few passes usually ends up in victory with most medium ships.

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