MAYHEM for Imperial Eagle falconers! (Beta only?)

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MAYHEM for Imperial Eagle falconers! (Beta only?)

Postby uvelius » Tue Sep 29, 2015 9:14 am

Dedicated flyers the Eagle! Loyal pilots of the Emperor! It is time to take the Imperial Eagle to it's first hunt!
When: Wednesday 30th, 23:00 GST, at Maausk -- read more | on reddit

ADDENDUM: Aside from the quote that they "invite everyone" in the official Mayhem schedule, according to the Reddit entry the ImpEagle should only be available for Beta testers -- at least it is clearly marked as beta there.

The hosts, Emperor`s Grace and The Imperial Inquisition would like to honour the new Imperial ship in the game. They want to invite everyone to come to the Maausk system and fly Imperial Eagles. The name of the event: "Imperial Eagle Extravaganza". Run by Emperor`s Grace and The Imperial Inquisition.
Visit the Maausk system on the date to join in [...] Reddit:
Buy one at MACMILLAN TERMINAL in Achenar and join us!

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