MAYHEM for Eagles: Tonight 9 pm GST

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MAYHEM for Eagles: Tonight 9 pm GST

Postby uvelius » Mon Sep 21, 2015 1:34 pm

To those distinguished pilots with the most noble affection for the Eagle -- this might be our thing tonight.
=>10 pm CEST, 9 pm GST,<=
=>at Eravate /Cleve Hub, <=
there will be an ... dadadaaaah ...
Eagle slalom!

Accorning to the Mayhem timeline (to be found here),
9PM - Let Birds Ride
This is an eagle slalom race around the Cleve Hub and Eravate. Hosted by the Black Birds Squadron.
Visit Cleve Hub and Eravate at the right time to join in

Sounds like a plan, right? My bird is already anxiously ruffling it`s feathers in Cleve Hub, dancing ot it`s stand ...
(no, I have no idea how that event will work).

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