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Re: Order Of Mobius For Newcomers

Posted: Tue Nov 26, 2019 11:12 pm
by TorTorden
The various groups are just whitelists for the match making server.
Meaning when connecting to Mobius America you can only see those who also connects through that whitelist.

The idea for factions I believe, is that would allow for members on both sides of the planet to connect for the purposes of BGS work.
But all things BGS related are counted regards what platform or server you are using.
So what BGS numbers we see here, are the same as those in Open, as well as for those on PS4 and xbox, and all actions count against that whole inter-server whole.

Re: Order Of Mobius For Newcomers

Posted: Sat Mar 28, 2020 12:21 pm
by N'Hgata
I'm just new to Mobius
I do not understand why when opening the group in SOCIAL, I can see about 400 cmds in the list but no one of them seems to be online...
I tried checking several times in several different occasions... no way. it looks like a gosts' list
I also went to Azrael, Exioce and other neighbor OoM systems and being stationary for a few days doing mission and gaining some rep but I havent seen/met any Mobius player around (?)
Is there something I am missing ? ... doing something wrong ?
Should I ask friendship (how?) before to be able to see/meet any human being ?

Beside, I am also new to forums so I don't exctly know if this is the right way to pose a question. Hopefully some good guy will reply to me
Fly Safe!

EDIT: OK I've seen one in Shinrarta ... first time seeing a hollow icon.