Order Of Mobius For Newcomers

Discussion about the Order of Mobius faction in Elite: Dangerous
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Order Of Mobius For Newcomers

Postby mia389 » Fri Aug 11, 2017 6:31 pm

Always good to see new faces come help the OoM.

Just a little run down for our new guys

We have 6 systems at the moment. Two of them are higher population and with higher population its a bit harder to move the influences. They are Exioce and Njiri.

  • Njiri is a high tech economy and great for outfitting. Helin Dock is the main station owned by OoM.
  • Exioce is a beautiful system and is a tourism economy. Its the best we have for bounty hunting as well. Any OoM bounties gathered there can be turned into any of our systems.
  • Azrael is our home system. Many of our CMDRs call Raffertys Mobius home but lately I know a few us have moved to Exioce because of better outfitting and great bounty hunting. We also own Extra Refinery here. Both stations are 399ls from main star. Azrael is an extraction economy.
  • Cardea is a small system and easy to move influence. Here we own the main station Tygerlill Pleasedome. Population is 750,000 compared to Njiri's 17.2 million. Economy is Agriculture.
  • Apathaam is another system we own and its population is close to Azraels at 3.5 million. Apathaam has only one station called Reamy Dock. Economy is Industrial.
  • NLTT 10055 is a small system we have just expanded into. It only has two outpost stations. There is no large landing pads in this system. There is another player faction (Lavignys Legion) that also lives in this system. We have a friendly arrangement with them.

When its time to build influence we have a few options depending on the state we are in. All states are global to all of our systems except war and election states. Here is some ways to build influence.

1. Turn in exploration data to any station we own. Example- Turn in cartography data to Helin Dock in Njiri will help Njiris influence.
2. Turn in bounties for OoM. Go to Exioce and bounty hunt in any res ring and turn bounties into any system we are present in and it will help our influence in that system.
3. Do missions for OoM. When doing missions watch the + signs by the mission. The more +s the better it will help your influence.
4. Do passenger missions for OoM. When doing passenger missions you need to watch where you are taking them as well. It could impact influence in the system you are taking it to as well. Check my signature link about passenger missions. The +++inf missions seem to work pretty good.
5. Trading. Any commodity you sell to our stations, it will help influence. The more profit, the better for influence. This excludes mining. Mining does not count towards influence.

When in war or civil war only Combat bounds and bounty hunting will help influence.

Lastly, you can get the most up to date information on our systems by checking the forums here or our discord channel for OoM.

Hope this helps guys and welcome aboard! o7

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Re: Order Of Mobius For Newcomers

Postby JohnLuke » Fri Aug 11, 2017 10:11 pm

Great information, Smokey!



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