CQC hasnt improved selection then...

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CQC hasnt improved selection then...

Postby smartroad » Sun Dec 27, 2015 10:44 pm

So just went for a look at CQC for a giggle and it certainly was! In my death-match there were 4 level 1's (inc me) 1 level 2 and three level 46+. Guess how each of the matches went? Yup! The 3 46+ers wiped the board with us single digit players. I managed to get 2 kills in - both stolen(!) but that was it, 3 matches and there was no point playing. What is the point of putting high level players with those just starting out? All it has done for me is frustrate me as every-time I got someone in my sights I had someone else striping my shields and poof I'm dead. I wasn't even able to get the shields down on my opponent :(

Tried it, don't like it, back to exploring :D
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Re: CQC hasnt improved selection then...

Postby TorTorden » Mon Dec 28, 2015 10:08 am

I suspect it's more of a case of not having a better selection to choose from.
And FD just completely misjudged their customer base thinking this was a good time investment.

And honestly it smells a bit panicky from trying to cater to the xbx market. When they should have spent the time polishing the first few hours of play and the missions, which atm is about as functioning as a flat tire and FD's current tactic is throwing more wheels on the bus.

Seriously is there any new 2.0 missions that isn't utterly broken?

Anyhoo I digress.
To me it sounds like you where matched up it the three people that actually cqc cause the alternative was no one. .
I suspect the match maker has a panic mode that kicks in after a while that just goes after anyone ;)

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Re: CQC hasnt improved selection then...

Postby Roger Wilco Jr » Mon Dec 28, 2015 4:26 pm

CQC still seems a bit like forced griefing.
And now they are going to give them 100,000 bucks or pounds or whatever.
The thrill is gone ...

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