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Re: FLASH TOPIC: Powerplay Proposal

Postby LeDoyen » Wed May 16, 2018 12:20 pm

Ah powerplay... their attitude is beyond beating the proverbial dead horse.. they are trying to revive a corpse that is decayed, rotten, fallen to dust and blown away in the wind.

Putting a useless "feature" in open only just cleans up PG and solo. They should go beyond since it's the name of the updates and also clean powerplay off open.

Then they could focus on fixing multicrew, wings and i'll add squadrons too since i believe we'll now have 3 multiplayer modes that are totally incompatible with one another :) why not include SRVs that can't be used in MC too.. and the list goes on.

It baffles me that they spend time trying to fix powerplay while more important aspects of the game are totally broken.

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