How annoying...

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Re: How annoying...

Postby ApexWanderer » Thu Jan 10, 2019 10:28 am

You can win the interdiction even in a Cutter or t10.

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Re: How annoying...

Postby TorTorden » Thu Jan 10, 2019 1:18 pm

Even losing the interdiction game is a little more beneficial than just dropping from cruise at least.
By losing I mean realising it's not going your way and throttling back, you can do thisbrght before you lose.

I consider the spawning mechanics for such interdiction.
It's like a DD game, you enter cruise with x in cargo.
Game rolls a dice and if high enough spawns an npc adjusted for shiptype and combat rank.
And system security.
Basically you will get an box at your combat rank or one below depending in the systems security rating.
If your trade rank is higher than combat the npc gets a level bump.

If you have enough cargo worth, like coming out of a belt you are almost guaranteed an interdiction event.

That event trigger remains set for you, until you leave system, beat the interdiction, or kill the npc.

If you drop from cruise after event is set for you the game will spawn that npc in your local space.
Unlike after an interdiction where the interdictor has a set range, that npc's spawn point is directly on your nose, like you experienced here.
One thing to mitigate that event is to slam into reverse, charge up fsd, and when the npc spawns in front, thrust around it and boost to get into cruise.
But as mentioned the flag is still set so the npc will just get back into cruise with you, maybe a few seconds later.

You can still crash them out through manouvering, but this only gives a minutes reprieve, they will be back shortly.

So beating the interdiction is the quickest way to get rid of the event flag.
Leaving system is another, but since your circumstances remain similar you stand a high chance of just getting another upon jumping back or in the next system.

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