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Re: New player advice wanted

Postby Unite » Tue Jan 08, 2019 8:58 am

Walter wrote:
Unite wrote: The planets ... appear on screen as selectable dots of light in the distance and if I approached them to the point that they are scanned they will then appear in the navigation panel BUT they did not appear on their own as you would expect after a discovery scan.

I was out on the fringes of the galaxy when 3.0 dropped and have yet to cash in on the new systems I've discovered. The only problem I've come across is for the display to show a second target to be mapped as mapped already, and that can be remedied by logging out to the menu and back in again.

From your description I'm not sure I understand the probem - you only need to fly towards a planet if you intend to map it after you've done the tuning thing in FSS scanner mode (my guitar tuner does a better job of identifying frequencies - I'm thinking of re-purposing it for ED).

The problem is I'm mixing up the old way of scanning a system i.e. drop into a system, honk then fly around and scan all the planets and the new way of scanning i.e. drop in, honk then use that other new fangled scanner to find the objects in orbit from the star then as you say you can fly over to anything interesting and map it.

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