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Aid to Niflhel...Again

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2018 11:28 pm
by Edddelos
Aid to Niflhel, yet again. :roll:

This weeks CG(Oct,3304):
-Senator Appeals for Aid(Thargoid related relief)
--Objective:Deliver Basic medicines, water Purifiers, Natural Fabrics and Evacuation shelters
-Defending Trade in Niflhel
--Objective:Hand in Bounty Vouchers

Previous CG in Niflhel(Jun,3304):
-Refugee Centre Initiative(Thargoid and human related)
--Objective:Deliver Cobalt, Semiconductors, and Synthetic Fabrics
-Protecting Traders in Niflhel
--Objective:Hand in Bounty Vouchers

Not sure if anyone else noticed all the attentionNiflhelgets.
There are other systems in the Galaxy :x