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Re: The Python loadout thread: Big and ... strong?

Posted: Wed Jul 20, 2016 11:30 pm
by holl0918
UnmarkedBoxcar wrote:
uvelius wrote:Wow thanks, great. So pips do more than just let recharge faster.

Indeed! Also nice to bear in mind that the more pips you have to weapons, the more damage those weapons will do, and the more pips you have in ENG, the faster your turns will be. Effects more than just capacitor recharge times.

I can look up the other data if we'd like to start a "pips" thread?
Actually, they don't let you do more damage, just fire longer.

Re: The Python loadout thread: Big and ... strong?

Posted: Thu Jul 21, 2016 3:14 am
by Falcon_D
My usual Python build: ... dy%20Jayne

Although. Now I have an SCB instead of the 5A fuel scoop and a heat sink launcher instead of the KWS, since I'm farming mats in a CZ.
I only added the HRP recently as I was trying to level an RNGineer and had to get the HRP to mod it. Decided to keep it cause I got a good roll.

Also, my subjective experience is that 4 pips to engines helps me turn faster when I'm in the blue. Usually I pip dance in combat. 3 wep, 1.5 sys, 1.5 eng, when firing. 1 wep, 1 sys, 4 eng when manouvering. 1.5 wep, 3 sys, 1.5 eng when shield tanking shots. 0 wep, 2 sys, 4 eng when just cruising around.

Have fun, fly safe. o7

P.S.: I use Voice Attack to pip dance.

Python as Thargoid hunter

Posted: Sat Mar 09, 2019 10:25 am
by uvelius
The Python has been bested by the new ships in almost every respect, I feel. The Krait is a much better fighter overall, jump range is not really good for an explorer, etc.

Still, it is a very, very nice ship and a joy to fly. So I dusted off my old Pythie, padded it on the head and gave it the legendary Gold Wireframe coat and reconfigured it with all spare parts I had lying around to make a Thargoid Scout killer.
I have to say that it works amazingly well. Since I have no intention to do the Grind again, I used what was at hand and readily available, and threw in

3x Class 3 AX Multis (Turreted)
1x Class 2 AX Missile (only to do some damage to Interdictors and for some target practice ... for pure Scouts I would recommend 4x AX Multis)
1x Class 2 Remote Release Flak

Guardian Shield Boosters, lots of HRPs and a MRP. Grade 5 Military Heavy Armour, Decon Limpets, Collector Limpets, Xeno Scanner, Heat Sinks.

This baby is sufficiently agile, can't outpace an Interceptor at ca 450 m/s (so be careful there) or it's Shutdown field at AX CZ's, but it can stand the pounding if attacked both by the swarm and Scouts while shut-downed, with it's sturdy hull and good shields. If in a Wing, you can do some damage to an Interceptor with the missiles and share the bounty when it gets taken down (but forget Soloing one).

So for a free-time-Lab 69 operative, it is quite a nice ship indeed! If you never have hunted Tharg Scouts, you have missed some nice joy there :)