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Odyssey Alpha

Postby JamisonMerry » Sat Apr 03, 2021 5:24 am

Just curious, is anyone here participating in Odyssey Alpha? It has been interesting so far, I think the biggest problem was play testers were just unceremoniously dumped into the game with little explanations of how the systems worked which has led to a lot of frustration.

I've started to become proficient in the scavenger missions. The missions given by the NPC characters tend to be broken however. You can take a scavenger mission with a Threat level of 0 (Defenseless) and as soon as you land you get ganked by veteran NPCs causing you to fail the mission. The assignments from the mission boards are usually pretty playable. Playing in Open is risky as there are already griefers appearing.

Is Mobius planning on setting up a private group. Or, would anyone like create some private instances when combat starts in the next phase PVE in groups may make some of the broken NPC missions easier to accomplish.

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