A question about Ship Launched Fighters and NPC's

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A question about Ship Launched Fighters and NPC's

Postby Vortex-5 » Tue Feb 16, 2021 9:05 pm

So I have a "Deadly" npc and so far I've been hoping that his aim would improve a his rank goes up and to an extent it has but he still seems to miss most of his shots with the multi-cannon or the plasma accelerator.

He's very good with the fixed beams / fixed pulses now.

Question to you guys do you notice that the NPC's give up a lot of DPS as a result of missing when given non hit scan weapons?

Or is it just my imagination?

Also I'm debating what's the best thing to give them for hull in case I'm in a slow ass ship and I need them to chase down a ship I tried the condor with fixed multi-cannons but basically they are useless in most normal combat due to the miss rate.

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Re: A question about Ship Launched Fighters and NPC's

Postby Zetr0 » Wed Feb 17, 2021 12:26 am

Greetings Commander Vortex-5 -o7-

I trust profits are good and the Galaxy is spining in your direction Commander.

My experience with NPC pilots is limited to my Corvette / Cutter with a "Deadly" rated NPC Pilot

I should say that I got this NPC pilot when "Mostly Harmless" and now she has over $350,000,000 in payouts and is Deadly - I say this because I have kinda gotten use to thier ability in combat - so I might miss something glaringly obvious -

With the Cutter I have Fixed Beams and "she" aquits herself well in heavy interdictions ( think tag team of Anaconda's ) with two or more vessels - I have had a vulture drop-in an interdicted battle with an Anaconda and its SLF ( Canopus System is more of an Interdiction Hell Highway ).

By and large - I don't seem to have any problems and the NPC pilot does well - other than not obeying the Recall Fighter order it seems

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I use my Covette that is equipped with a Class 6d Fighter Bay ( two fighters ) both Tai-Pan Agies F one is Rouge One is Fixed Beam and the other is Fixed Plasma.

I find the results can be a bit intermittent on the Fixed Plasma - but I don't think I have relly given it that much time - with the Fixed Beams the NPC seems to start struggling with shileds past four current enemies and then usually a fighter loss with 5 or more - its not a worry with 8 fighter re-builds and another "instant" fighter to deploy its not really an issue.

As the deployment dilutes the enemies fire on the main vessel by 50% as they attack the fighter and the main vessel is just churning through Space Craft ( untill it runs out of Ammo.... again.... )

I hope that help Commander -o7-

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