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New deep core mining is fun.

Posted: Sat Dec 15, 2018 6:03 pm
by Norwin Palmer
I find the new deep core mining is pretty fun and also fairly profitable. Anyone else giving it a try? The other new mining mechanics I did not find fun or profitable so I do not even carry equipment for anything except core mining.

All hinges on finding the deep core rocks, some people seem to have no trouble and some can not seem to find any no matter what they try. I have not had any trouble finding rocks to blast apart. Longest I have had to look is 13 minutes, 5 minutes is more nominal. I do not prospect in hotspots, just randomly drop in near outer edge of a ring and constantly work toward the planet.

If you do not have a place to start use HIP 21991 for metallic and Didiomanja for icy. Sell at HIP 21991 Charlois City, low temperature diamonds were selling for 466K each there yesterday and are the most abundant core material found in icy rings. However, I find icy ring are also the most difficult to mine, might find the same number of core rocks to mine but a lot contain worthless core materials in icy rings.

Deep core rocks will glow much brighter than anything else on the pulse wave scanner and always be the same size and shape. They will also have visible fissures but depending on the lighting and rock colors these might be difficult to see. When you find the first one (by prospecting with limpets) take special note of those two things and it will get much easier from there. Each ring type does have a unique model though, one for icy, one for metallic, one for rocky, etc so need to figure each one out individually.

I started in a Cobra, very viable ship for this, was making 7M-8M credits per run and it only takes cracking two or thee rocks to fill up the Cobra (32T cargo + 6T refinery). But about any ship with a class 2 hardpoint will work, bonus points if it is mounted on the centerline of the ship as the seismic charges are dumbfire.

Re: New deep core mining is fun.

Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2019 5:29 am
by yah-ta-hey
Good information here. I didn't know about the cores all having same shape and size... will keep a sharp eye for that.
Took my load of void opals to wolf 359 and got 1.6 mill/ton. There are places where you can get very good prices but might have to do a little traveling to get to them.
Currently, I am in deep space ( apx 1000 ly ) and doing a scouting trip. Found a system that has 4 ringed planets... 3 have hot spots. One of those has 9 hotspots in the ring... void opals and low temp diamonds. Betting cheeks back to get my core miner and do some serious long term mining.
Wish I could tell you where the location is but.... someone will horn in om my claim and then I gotta get rid of my claim jumper. But even if I told you where it is... the mechanics of the game may not show the hotspots to you as they were found in my instance of finding. All I can say is even in the bubble, I found hotspots in pristine, common and depleted rings. good hunting.

Re: New deep core mining is fun.

Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2019 7:52 am
by yah-ta-hey
Hi there,
Deep space mining is really a hoot, boring as all get out but a hoot still the same.
Have a cutter rigged for deep space with 256 ton capability. I carry a LOT of limpets for the long haul.
Went scouting recently and found quite a few promising rings with hotspots so I am now out bound to visit them. I have my first system...
Andvarities... 62.74 ly from shinrarta. it is occupied space but I had no troubles with the local inhabitants.
I found a SERENDIBITE hotspot and walked away with 36 tons. This is a common area so you need to work a little to find the cores.
Here is the fun part: Now I use WOLF 359 - powell high ( large base station) as my home for turning in my load. BECAUSE of this:
really great prices....
Alexandrite......546,488/ ton
bonitoite ...... 1,175,372/ton
grandidierite.... 771,777/ton
low temp diamonds..... 709,702/ton
monazite ......... 329,137/ton
painite ...........787,950/ton
void opals..... 1,658939/ton
These are Tremendous payouts.... there are other places that offer a little more or about the same .
Now after picking up my little load, I moved on ( feel free to mine , I won't be coming back) and have a variety of these minerals in my hold and still have 412 limpets available to use. I am barely getting started. I figure I have about 50 mil accumulated and am headed to void opals on my next stop.....
Now I have found out that if you can find the center cores, your likely to get a large amount of valuables but don't neglect the regular mining... they are out there in vast numbers.
Drawback is when I jump into a new system.. there is always someone to meet you. I just met and whopped a brace of pirates who wanted my hard earned loot. They are no longer a problem until I jump into another system..
Come on and jump in but realize deep space mining is a long haul activity that is truly rewarding at the return.
See you in the deep.

Re: New deep core mining is fun.

Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2019 12:05 pm
by Khalarin
Yeah I love it! I've recently dropped my mining vette for a deep core Python rig I called the "Roid Reaper" although I'm not out in deep space I'm just parked up in the bubble in a system 2 hops away from a void opal buyer @ 1.6mil, been here all week and made a billion in the last few days. Making a good 100 mil/hr at void opal hotspots if you get lucky.

I'm running with 192tn cargo, dual seismic charges (rear hp's), dual abrasion blasters (front hp's) & a single mining laser (underneath for the occasional LTD sml roid although tempted to remove it for a 3rd blaster) In a system with med security, and built to run not defend makes a much more profitable mining session.

Just tweaked the thrusters so she'll boost @ 487 & cruise at 360, nimble enough to get right inside deep core's and use the dual blaster trick...
Which if you're not aware of (hidden as spoiler if you do not want 'cheat' or 'exploit' as I'm sure it'll be patched in the near future ...
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Here's my DCM Python: Roid Reaper

Re: New deep core mining is fun.

Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2019 4:29 pm
by Khalarin
3.3.02 Patched the multi-chunk 'bug/exploit' out been dual blasting since and not had a double chunk drop.

Re: New deep core mining is fun.

Posted: Fri Jan 18, 2019 3:34 am
by Hrdina
Khalarin wrote:3.3.02 Patched the multi-chunk 'bug/exploit' out been dual blasting since and not had a double chunk drop.

It was very kind of FD to wait for me to reach Trade Elite before they fixed that. :-D

Re: New deep core mining is fun.

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 5:36 am
by yah-ta-hey
Sad to say, after the latest update... prices for those ridiculously expensive minerals has dropped a lot. bummer.