Mining in Mobia

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Mining in Mobia

Postby Roger Wilco Jr » Mon Mar 20, 2017 11:47 pm

I've been mining in Colinia, usually in non-populated systems, and usually for missions. There are still no missions in Mobia, so I've also been selling metals at Penderson's Legacy. For a change, I took out the Viper to do some BH in the system. After interdicting some wanted ships, I headed to the local RES sites. The RES (LOW) was in your typical asteroid belt; however, the RES (HIGH) was located between asteroid belts, and the HAZRES was located outside of the asteroid belts.

I'd normally be bounty hunting in the RES (HIGH) or HAZRES, so not having asteroids about, while easier on the GPU, kind of ruins role play. I normally patrol and wait for pirates to attack miners before attacking. But with no asteroids, there are also no miners about, or they are always leaving saying the place has been picked clean. So while I can still pile up kills and credits for wanted ships, it's not as fun.

Also, although I've never mined in a RES, there are apparently bonuses. I assume the bonuses scale with the danger, but how can you mine if there are no asteroids? Or can you just enter the instance in the RES (HIGH) or HAZRES, and then fly off to the rings and still get the bonus? I think the asteroids would be too far away to fly to in normal space, so that probably wouldn't work.

Anyway, I'm thinking this is a bug/mistake - at least I don't recall seeing RES sites w/o asteroids before - and should be reported. But maybe this is normal or people like it, since it's easier on the GPU and there is no danger of crashing into asteroids? And maybe this has already been discussed elsewhere?

I just thought, rather than moving the RES sites, maybe we can have additional sites added that are inside the rings? Best of both worlds? :idea:

It's time to give this another go.

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Re: Mining in Mobia

Postby Sinxar » Tue Mar 21, 2017 3:42 am

That is very strange, a resource extraction site with no resources.

IIRC you need to be about 15km - 20km from the center to get the bonus so past that you lose it.

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