Anyone exploring the Perseus arm?

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Anyone exploring the Perseus arm?

Postby cmdrgaratmant » Sat Apr 08, 2017 4:47 pm

Hello All,

I'm about 13kly away from Sol, "east-southeast", heading towards the Perseus arm of the galaxy. has a couple of pics of my current route from EDSM.

Is anyone else exploring the Perseus arm? If anyone already has, is there anything of note I should visit while I'm exploring?

My end goal is to try to get at least another 30,000 light years along the arm. I generally restrict my route to KGBFOAM stars, then every 1000 light years I stop and look around for anything interesting. If I encounter earth-like planets, I stop and scan them, but mostly I'm just using the advanced discovery scanner to take an inventory of whats there.

Are there any apps out there for planning a long-haul exploration trip like this? Does anyone have any tips to avoid SPACE MADNESS or just be a better explorer?

o7 fly safe my Beretnas!

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