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CMDR JBTSP--BountyH,XenoH,TRADE,Power Play

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2018 4:31 am
I have been playing ED for about a year or so. I'm looking for a group to get into Xeno Hunting or continue Trade or Bounty Hunting, Power play "combat only"-Undermine for Felicia Winters.

Looking for other CMDR's who are interested in Trade and Combat who have similar interests that are equipt to tackle the black and make our mark on the environment. Feel free to add as friend if this describes you.

PVE combat Anaconda-Upgraded Engineered
Federal Corvette-Stock
Type 9 Heavy-Transport/Trade
ASP Explorer... for the exploration that i dont do. lol

Master Combat
Elite Trade

Re: CMDR JBTSP--BountyH,XenoH,TRADE,Power Play

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2018 7:57 am
by GreenViper
Greetings and welcome to Mobius, Commander JBTSP

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