CMDR Jerre intro

Welcome Commander! Introduce yourself in here.
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CMDR Jerre intro

Postby Jerre » Sat Jan 14, 2023 4:03 am

Greetings from across the galaxy.
I have been playing maybe a year. A little less I think at this point. I joined a squadron.. but they were pretty much non-existent and after a short while none of them played at all. So I left and created my own and am looking for members as well. I have done pretty well. Run a trading T-9 Barge, have a 75ly capable DBX, cmbt ships and AX ships... plus a Carrier for all my stuff haha.
Would like to group with people for anti-xeno. When I have played OPEN so many people don't turn off "crimes against me" and then run into my fire before I can stop firing.. then I end up in jail. OR gankers lurk in the combat zones and attack when you are busy with an Interceptor. They haven't been able to kill me yet, my hulls are strong. But it does force me to leave the WZ and have to start another one.
I can do station defense in solo and have several times. Its just faster and more fun with others. I also am wanting to take the carrier on a week long exploration and xenobiology cruise and welcome anyone to come along.

CMDR Jerre Havardt - out o7
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Re: CMDR Jerre intro

Postby GreenViper » Sat Jan 14, 2023 10:51 am

Greetings and welcome to Mobius, Commander Jerre Havardt!
Hope to meet you in the Black one day!
- Cmdr GreenViper -

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