CMDR ShelLuser, thanks for having me!

Welcome Commander! Introduce yourself in here.
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CMDR ShelLuser, thanks for having me!

Postby ShelLuser » Mon Jun 06, 2022 4:29 pm

Hi gang!

A late introduction because I've actually been granted access for a few weeks now, but little did I realize that you guys had a forum! The moment I found out I registered becuse at the very least I just HAD to thank you for the opportunity! It's been what... longer than a month? But I love it SO much, especially during CG's like the last one. Ah: 18/4, that's my acceptance day!

About me... I'm a dedicated Steam user and as such I also play E.D. (and Odyssey) through Steam. I'm approx. 1300 hours into the game and still loving it. My home station is the laid back system of Tilian, hardly anything happens there which is just the way I like it. It's a small system with 1 major planet and its (atmospheric!) moon; it has 2 stations in orbit (one orbiting each planet). I own approx. 30 ships (with a few double Krait Phantoms: one on my home station, one parked at Colonia and one in Imperial space which I use to work on my Empire rank every once in a while (I want a Cutter!)) and my fleet is spread out acros 3 stations: both orbital stations and one planetary port.. I enjoy the roleplay of "having" to take a shuttle from Maunders hope to Keelers rest as soon as I want to grab one of my more sporadically used ships.

My favorite ships to this date are my 2 Kraits (I actually got myself a Phantom shortly after the Cobra Mk3). My favorite activities are cargo hauling, doing passenger tours with my Saud Krugers and... rescue missions with my Phantom (combo limpets FTW!).

I always play(ed) in open and that was just fine. But eventually I decided to request permission to join you guys after I had let down my guard and some ganker shot me down right after takeoff at Farseers. That's when I figured "screw this.." and ... the rest is history. As I expected my play has become much less tense and I even enjoy the game more than I used to! Seriously.. Going to Jamesons Memorial is different but still very much enjoyable.

I especially enjoy my membership during events such as the last bizarre CG event... I don't often do those, but when I do it is very pleasant to see many fellow commanders while knowing that we're not after one another's blood or ships. Quite the contrary, but ... I'll share that story somewhere else.

SO yah, that's my story. Once again, thank you very much for having me. I am honestly feeling a little proud to be part of all this!

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Re: CMDR ShelLuser, thanks for having me!

Postby GreenViper » Tue Jun 07, 2022 5:00 pm

Greetings and welcome to Mobius, Commander ShelLuser
Hope to meet you in the Black one day!
Rightnow I'm in the bubble for some business, but most of the time you can find me at my homebase Pedersens @Mobia / Colonia.

As to my favourite ships, not really sure, kinda like all that I have but I do have a weak spot for my trusty Cobra MkIII... doing a data run mission quick in and egress in that little ship remains fun also.

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