Aegis CG's and Thargoids

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Aegis CG's and Thargoids

Postby Capricos » Fri Nov 24, 2017 11:39 pm

Is ANYBODY in Mobius PVE, or really Mobius at all even slightly interested in killing Thargoids and doing this stuff?
It's getting pretty old sitting out by Maia all alone being a one Mobius force against the Thargoids. If you're "still waiting," or thinking "what did they do to me," you're just lazy, or not even slightly interested. They are invading.
Other than maybe two other people... who is actually interested in this? Am I wasting my time here? I've called more than once for a Thargoid force from Mobius only to get deafening silence.
On the extremely rare occasions other people are out there... they just ignore greetings, etc.
Is Mobius only interesting in the handful of system it controls? Or, just doing the easiest things possible in the game?
So, again... is *anybody even slightly interested in killing Thargoids and doing these CG's? Because all of you "waiting," and so on and going to be WAY behind when they show up in force. Then again, people were duo-ing Thargoids when everyone on these forums was telling me it was "impossible," to blow up a Thargoid.
Seriously... are there ANY pilots in Mobius with any sand?

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Re: Aegis CG's and Thargoids

Postby Early Bird » Fri Nov 24, 2017 11:46 pm

I am not interested in killing Thargoids. I am in favour of what Cannon Interstellar Research is doing with the help of CMDR Benjamin "Heisenberg6626" Bahr. You can see his action here:

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Re: Aegis CG's and Thargoids

Postby TorTorden » Fri Nov 24, 2017 11:58 pm

Someone needs to find their drama dial and turn it down about six thousand notches.


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Re: Aegis CG's and Thargoids

Postby Xebeth » Sat Nov 25, 2017 9:53 am

Capricos wrote:...

You seriously need to drop the attitude, people will do what they want to do, insulting the group members does nothing more than make you sound like a dick.

If you don't like the response to the Thargoids from this group go play somewhere else, but don't take it out on the members who are just doing what they want to do.
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Re: Aegis CG's and Thargoids

Postby JohnLuke » Sat Nov 25, 2017 10:14 am

Here's a silly question..... have you asked on any of our other social media sites?

We have FAR more active players on Discord and the FB group than are here.

I see a "wingup for thargoids" message on the discord wingman wanted channel a few times a day.

Instead of complaining that nobody want to focus on the same part of the game as you, try expanding your horizons and seek out Mobius members on our other sites.

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Re: Aegis CG's and Thargoids

Postby Relix Typhon » Sat Nov 25, 2017 10:34 am


Kthx bye.

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Re: Aegis CG's and Thargoids

Postby Phillipus » Sat Nov 25, 2017 11:03 am

Lose the arrogance and attitude, mate. It's a friendly bunch here.

And quit the bullshit statements. No-one was telling you it was impossible to kill a Thargoid. Some of us were saying that, just after the Thargoids arrived, and when the only available anti-Thargoid weapons were the (nerfed) missile launchers, it would be extremely difficult to do it solo. Others expressed disdain at FDev's slow release and said they would rather watch Obsidian Ant. So don't turn this around to big yourself up and try to belittle other people here.

For my own part, I have attempted soloing a Thargoid quite a few times, failed, lost a few ships, and am still trying. I've also been part of a wing in Open that did kill a Thargoid, but sadly I blew up before I could claim the bounty. So yes, some of us are Thargoid hunting, but just not with you.

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Re: Aegis CG's and Thargoids

Postby Falcon_D » Sat Nov 25, 2017 5:19 pm

Tried soloing a Thargoid before the “nerf” to the missiles. Ran out of ammo before I could kill it. Left and never went back.
It’s cool for those that want to play that game. But I don’t really see much adventure in it. Might try again. But I usually do things Solo even though I nearly always play in Mobius.

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Re: Aegis CG's and Thargoids

Postby Saberius » Sun Nov 26, 2017 3:40 am

Capricos wrote:Seriously... are there ANY pilots in Mobius with any sand?

Such a shitty attitude. I would prefer to read an polite request than an arrogant demand...?

Look, play YOUR way own CMDR, please don't presume to lecture publicly that other players are to play your way too?

Should we all go back to open because the gankers want us to play their way too?
Shall we just devalue the reason that Mobius as a community exists in the first place?

Now, it has been said many times.
"Mobius" is a community of players that just want to PvE. Not a wing. Not a guild. Not a clan.
It can be argued that Thargoids are NPC's therefor this is PvE, and that's fine, but that is not my point.

There are indeed other Mobius grouped pilots taking on Thargoids, just not in the same region as you, or know that you are looking for wing, and frankly, you insulting other pilots of the Mobius collective for not having the balls to fly with you is just plain rude and certainly not going to win any friends or LFG replies. There is discord, teamspeak, even facebook thast I have seen quite a few "LFW" requests, some on console, others on PC. So you cannot say that as a whole, no one cares, or not trying. It's just you can't see them.

Personally, I've already helped, and barely survived (not going to lie), in taking down two Basilisks for the current CG, but I play in the EURASIA regional group, we'll probably never meet to wing.

However, I'm done with the CG, it was tough, I lost two ships, I actually thought I was doing quite well and I wasn't even in it for the money.
I was doing my bit for the Elite Community because it was a Community Goal.

So now, I'm going back to doing what I want to do, which is finish unlocking the engineers, visit all the INRA sites and look for the storyline for the Mycoid virus.

Instead of the Thargoid equivalent of turning around and abusing the guy that just nudged me in the pub and make me spill my pint, and realising I've been abusing his belt buckle and questioning his parentage for five minutes.

Thargoids are tough, they are not impossible, but for me, there's no value in provoking the biggest ruffian in the pub just to see if he really will call his mates in.

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